Que Luv: Porn Star Critique- Yoshi Ka...

Que Luv: Porn Star Critique Yoshi Kawasaki Yoshi Kawasaki is one hot and sexy dude. He’s a treat to watch when you have an appetite for some Asian booty. Currently can be seen on UKHotJocks. I’m sure he gets a lot of attention from his fans and at 23 shows no signs of stopping. Here’s what I think of Yoshi. Looks/Sex Appeal 4/5 He’s a sexy [...]

TJ Chase’s Amateur Analysis: B...

Straight men going gay for pay is the highlight of my amateur analysis this week as I review Caruso’s Bait Buddies. Bait Buddies began in 2007 and is based out of South Florida. The website currently has a little over 400 videos with a picture set for each video. Bait Buddies is one of the better gay-for-pay sites out there.  Head on over to [...]

Abdur-Rahim: What’s Your Dating...

Carrie Bradshaw Quote
…. Eventually all the pieces fall into place, until then laugh at the confusion…. Don’t Judge Me! What’s Your Dating Age Box? Checkout Abdur Rahim Speaks

Jay Black: He’s My Everything

There you are, you have finally met someone that seems to have everything that you are looking for. It’s only been a month but you feel that this has potential. You are not looking to get married, but you want him around and don’t know where he stands. What do you do??

BeBop: Raw Magic Featuring Dagger and...

Magic Wood turned tricks in Dagger’s bubble butt boy hole raw and deep! He made him know exactly where his name came from! He made his dick disappear inside Dagger’s asshole and left a sweet white surprise at the end for both of them to taste! Want to know more? Click “As BeBop Tells It“

News: Scott Walker Doesn’t Have...

Scott Walker
When you see a person that’s racist, believe them. This is the motto I live by. White people have accused me of being racist and I just laugh. A white person calling a black person racist simply reveals their ignorance. Scott Walker isn’t ignorant. He simply doesn’t care about black people. Now use your power to make sure t [...]

Ondre’s Mind: That Moment Ameri...

o Thanks America for reminding me that you’re still afraid of me. The perception of blacks have not changed much since we were picking cotton in the fields. No matter how much we continuously prove how talented and capable we are, there is still a repulsive image of “the angry black man/woman”. The Oscar worthy film “Straigh [...]

Classic Closet: Joe Simmons

This week we feature none other than the true King of Porn, Joe Simmons. Check him out by clicking HERE

Boomer Banks and Christian Lesage- Ra...

http://thaxxxlist.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/28983_04_120sec_00.mp4  Boss Boomer Banks is hung. He holds incriminating photos of Christian Lesage and he’s demanding money for them, threatening to hurt him otherwise. While Christian trembles, Boomer slips a black hood over his head. By now, Christian will do anything t [...]

Sean Zevran and Valentin Petrov- Hot ...

http://thaxxxlist.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/29794_01_120sec_00.mp4 Sean Zevran is on his knees blindfolded and locked in a cage hidden in the shadows of the seedy sex club. Super hung Valentin Petrov takes advantage of Sean’s vulnerability and thrusts his hefty bulge into Sean’s face. Not knowing who’s on [...]

Robert Axel and Wolf Hudson- IconMale

http://thaxxxlist.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/29784_02_120sec_00.mp4  Robert Axel is running beside Wolf Hudson in the park, encouraging him to push himself harder and harder with sets of pushups and sprints. But unluckily, Wolf soon overdoes it and they have to cut the workout short. Robert helps an injured Wolf through the [...]

Sergyo and Hugo- Fuckermate

Our newcomer Sergyo gets a great big welcome from Hugo. Sergyo doesn’t waste any time getting his huge dick inside Hugo’s beautiful ass. This is a video where two hot men get it together, each giving the other what he needs: a good hard fucking . Hugo teaches Sergyo his latin rythmn and Sergyo just opens his mind and all [...]

CodaFilthy and Jessie Lee- PeterFever

http://thaxxxlist.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Teaser-Newfound-Independence-480P.flv  After all this time waiting for Diego to come back, I realized I had wasted my time. Obviously things had changed. It was time to move on and the first step is to celebrate my independence. I no longer have to hold back, feel guilt, or wor [...]

Dagger and Magic Wood- Breed It Raw

magic 11
Magic Wood turned tricks in Dagger’s bubble butt boy hole raw and deep! He shows him exactly where his name comes from. He made his dick disappear inside Dagger’s asshole and left a sweet white surprise at the end for both of them to taste! Watch them swap cravings at Breed It Raw!

James Django and Tyler Reed- Breed Me...

django 6
 Black PHAT ass is Tyler Reed’s fav ass to breed, but seeing James Django’s ass in hot yellow strip ass-less briefs was just too much! Tyler did not waste time getting his raw white daddy cock into that black hole raw then power fucking that ass the way it was meant to be fucked.  That ass just bounced every time Tyler thrust his hips [...]

Drew Vergas and Python- PapiThugz

The ever-horny Python was in town and called a friend who sent over a quiet bottom. Funny how those quiet ones are always DTF freaks! Python shows his exuberance over Drew Vergas’s hot ass by plowing him with the hardest dick of his career. You have a ringside seat and will be asking Drew, “where do you put i [...]

Drew Kingston and Brent Taylor- Bulld...

drew 7
Chilling out together playing beer pong, things are bound to get interesting, especially when Drew Kingston and Brent Taylor decide to heat things up a bit by stripping and the loser gets to treat the winner to a long slow blowjob! These competitive fuckers instantly get the balls bouncing and black guy Drew wins hands down. It’s alm [...]

Thiago Castro and Robert Lambertinni-...

 Thiago Castro is just hanging out in his house, waiting for the action to come to him and does it ever! Robert Lambertinni shows up and the two don’t waste a minute. Sucking off Thiago is a frightful task, but Robert does better at it than just about anyone. He deep-throats Thiago, and watching him stretch his throat is a [...]

Coda Filthy, Eli Lewis, Santiago Figu...

Out at the park, Coda Filthy has his bae, Santiago Figueroa, add some lotion to his backside; not the first time for these lovers. Across the way, two other hotties catch Coda’s eye. David Lambert, in the blue tank, goes over and invites the pair “to play” with his boyfriend, Eli Lewis. As you can tell from t [...]

Seki, Reiji, Khan, Hisoka, Souma, and...

  Khan’s “big day” is here and these boys are going to help him celebrate; there will be plenty of “icing,” cake or not. AsianBoys.XXX brings you, left (in front) to right: Seki, in the red and white shirt, Reiji, with the curly hair, Khan, the birthday boy, Hisoka, with the square jaw, Souma, with [...]

Akisho’s Assessment: Next Door ...

Bam Bam and Jay Black are two sexy chocolate men with big dicks and plump asses. They both display plenty of passion right from the start of the scene. The body contact, and kissing was very believable. I liked how they incorporated some light bondage into the scene to change it up a bit. The editing was done very well, as is the norm with th [...]

Liam and Friend- Straight Fraternity

Liam 11
Liam has been away at basic training for a while, so when I heard he was back in town, I had to snap him up. I strip him out of his clothes and feel up his firm, athletic body. I suck Liam’s dick and ask him what he’s thinking about. He says “it’s a secret fantasy” and won’t tell me any more, but I already have plans for him. I te [...]

Bamm Bamm and Jay Black- NextDoorEbon...

 When Jay Black requested a dominant, thick-dicked boy to come over and fuck him, they sent Bam Bam.  Jay asked that a ‘prepper’ show up ahead of the main course in order to bind his wrists and feet.  The service accommodated and by the time Jay’s order arrived, everything was in place.Jay began to drift off to sleep as he waited.   [...]

Gareth Grant and Kris Blent- Staxus

gareth 5
 England meets Holland in a terrific interracial pairing, with the wonderful Kris Blent once again showing off all his sluttish credentials – a performance that a hardened ass-lover like Gareth Grant is clearly quite unable to resist. Not that that’s in any way a criticism of the horny Brit. After all, there aren’t many guys around who co [...]

Adam Ramzi and Killian James- NakedSw...

The guys are hanging out in the park when Killian James catches site of handsome dark-haired stud Adam Ramzi and his bright blue BMW. As he gets up to take a better look he notices that Adam has dropped his wallet so Killian retrieves it and shows up at Adam’s condo to collect his reward. Clothes immediately fly off as they make [...]

Sean Zevran and Andrew Stark- Falcon

http://thaxxxlist.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/29028_03_120sec_00.mp4 Smooth Sean Zevran brushes his teeth while Andrew Stark barges in to take a shower. Andrew knows exactly what he’s doing when he tempts him by stroking his monster cock and slapping it against the shower door until Sean drops the toothbrush and drops [...]

Owen Michaels and Michael Cummings- P...

http://thaxxxlist.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Teaser-Spying-on-the-Neighbors-480P.flv   Michael is a little pervert; all week he keeps staring at the neighbors walking around their house naked. And all I did this week was stare at Michael, thinking about fucking his tight little hole. That’s it, I can’t take it anymor [...]

Armond Rizzo and Brian Bond- Club Inf...

http://thaxxxlist.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/29287_05_120sec_00.mp4  Brian Bonds is eager to test Armond Rizzo’s anal limits and Armond is willing to show just how much he can handle. Taking the signal, Brian dives in and pumps his juicy cock in and out of him. Brian’s huge knob is not enough to satisfy Armond, s [...]

Joey and Friend- Straight Fraternity

Joey heard a couple of buddies talking about the Straight Fraternity gloryhole, and one afternoon when he was super horny, he secretly headed over to check it out. Most girls can’t deepthroat his big black cock, but that’s no problem at this gloryhole!

Alejandro Fusco and Marxel Rios- MenO...

http://thaxxxlist.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/29620_01_120sec_00.mp4 Alejandro has been sneaky lately as he IMs with Marxel to get him to come over to his office for a lunch time fuck. Alejandro has a BF but what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him as the saying goes. Marxel shows up to his office and after a quick ch [...]

Devon and HX- DawgpoundUSA

http://thaxxxlist.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Devon-HX-Preview.mp4  As if it wasn’t a big dick summer already! Must be the heat that brings out the butt-fuck’n beast in these packin’ guys (with the help of vodka, LOL). Dawgpound exclusive Devon absolutely pounds HX into submission. Incredible close-ups [...]

Alessio Romero and Jace Chambers- Ext...

http://thaxxxlist.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/29571_01_120sec_00.mp4 Jace has been having issues with sleeping as of late and can’t get any rest at all. His sleepless nights are catching up with him and he really needs to find a solution. In comes Dr. Romero whom after an extensive look at his X-Rays has diagnosed the [...]

Hisoka and Jun- Asian Boys

“Hard up” Hisoka just needs a “hard on,” that’s where Jun “cums” in. This is our first AsianBoys.XXX of Jun topping; seems like he’s full of experience. Waking Jun up, Hisoka offers; who “wood-nt” take him? Kissing and fondling, the boys help one another set the tone. [...]

Bamm Bamm, Billy Blanco, and Jay Bank...

http://thaxxxlist.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/1.mp4 There’s nothing Jay Banks loves like a good pump and dump. His hole is a cum receptacle for any man’s load. After blindfolding him and tying him to a mattress, we invited Billy Blanco and Bamm Bamm to stop by and seed his ass. Jay’s first look at the two top [...]

Smoke and Ecstasy Reloaded- Breed It ...

Smoke 1
Breed It Raw brings to you “FUCK ME DEEP”! Some outdoor fun turns to pure ecstasy when Smoke and Ecstasy Reloaded link up. Both of these certified freaks sweat it out and fuck in some good hot weather ! They licked and sucked each other until Ecstasy slid his huge pipe right into Smoke’s juicy booty. It wasn’t long before the cum [...]

ASAP and Notorious- BiLatinMen

asap 2
ASAP and Notorious heat up the screen together.

Brandon and Gage- Straight Rent Boy

“Empty” and needing to “repay,” Brandon takes over as Gage stands and strips. After a tug, the straight boy goes mouth first into the “unknown;” blow it like you know it Brandon. With Gage’s guiding hand, Brandon has the boy up and happy. Seems as though “the blower’s” mi [...]

Draven Torres and Shane Frost- Fetish...

http://thaxxxlist.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/26280_05_120sec_00.flv http://thaxxxlist.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/26280_05_120sec_00.mp4 Shane Frost is tied to a table with red cords. His outstretched arms are lashed at the wrist and his legs are spread and cinched around each ankle. Helping himself to Shane’s coc [...]

Eli Lewis and Sean Duran- PeterFever

      http://thaxxxlist.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Teaser-Dinner-Plans-480P.flv   I found a mysterious note on my dresser, it was an invitation for a final dinner with the guys. When I showed up, Eli was the only one there. He set it up so we would be alone together. I’m glad I had a huge appetite. Watch [...]

TJ Chase’s Amateur Analysis: S...

This week’s amateur analysis is on SxyFrkyLvrzzz, a fairly new XTube performer.  There are 12 videos and 7 photo sets that can be viewed on their page. SxyFrkyLvrzzz are freaky lovers and describes themselves as follows: Head over to TJChase’s Amateur Analysis to read the full review.

20 of the Hottest Versatile Porn Perf...

bamm bamm
Well, we are back with our 20 favorite versatile porn performers in the industry today. Please keep in mind that this list is about performers active in the industry today. Not last year or since the beginning of time. These men are working in different arenas and areas. So we are so excited to give you our favorites. Adam Ramzi Bamm Bamm B [...]

Jay Black: F*ck Together, Stuck Toget...

    We have all heard the old adage “the couple that plays together, stays together”. I would however like to put a twist on that, “the couples that fuck together are stuck together”. To Read More just Click Here

Que Luv: Porn Star Critique- Lucio Sa...

Que Luv: Porn Star Critique Lucio Saint Lucio Saint is one hot chili pepper. He’s a treat to watch when you have that Spanish craving. He’s worked with such companies as Raging Stallion, Lucas Entertainment, Kristen Bjorn, Men.com, UK Naked Men, etc. While working for these companies it inspired him to own called LucioSaints.com. He made his [...]

Abdur-Rahim Speaks: 7 Deadly Sins for...

7 Deadly Sin - Lust
Ahhh…. The 7 Deadly Sins…. Those Seven little itsy bitsy sins that seems to get us all in trouble… Especially if we’re not careful. So here are the seven things that are considered the worst things to do…. Click on Link to Checkout: Abdur-Rahim Speaks Here

Bob Burkhardt: New Bamm Bamm and Frie...

  Check Out Sex Siren Bamm Bamm in his sexy new photoshoot from Bob Burkhardt. Click Here

TJ Chase’s Amateur Analysis: N...

This week I take a look at NastyBlackBoys on XTube.  The owner of the site is Jay Nite and he has posted 29 videos to his page on XTube. Jay’s motto is that if the ass isn’t getting creamy, then you aren’t going deep enough. From the videos I viewed for this review, NastyBlackBoys definitely goes deep. To read the [...]

Abdur-Rahim Speaks: Anilingus vs. Fel...

Ass Eating and Sucking
So, Which Do You Prefer? Sexual Fetish #1: Fellatio – You love sucking dick or cock   Sexual Fetish  #2: Anilingus – You love eating ass or rimming   Check out Abdur-Rahim Speaks here….

BeBop: Playing Bones Featuring Krave ...

What a sweet treat for all you strip dominoes lovers. The game of ‘bones’ is played among friends by taking turns positioning dominoes together to accumulate points, based on the rules. Today, Krave Moore has invited over two friends to have a little fun. But Rex Cobra and Andre Donovan don’t know yet that Krave has an [...]

News: David Oyelowo will be the first...

Even though it's not a motion picture this is a huge accomplishment. I am so happy for David and I feel this is a step in the right direction. I know some people will say "why does everything always have to have black people in it?" The truth is very little mainstream Television showcases the talent of black people. Actors [...]

Ondre’s Mind: Waiting For Obama

Featured pic
I'm not here to be the President's cheerleader but I'm sick and tired of black people who don't vote yet expect for the president to somehow make their lives better. Many people have legitimate issues with how he has handled the country but I can personally say this country is far better then it was 8 years ago. Obama is [...]

Akisho’s Assessment: Randy Blue...

Dominic and Jeff seemed to enjoy each other. They both were good with the physical contact and kissing. Not much creativity present in this scene. The director really seemed to hold to his word, he stood back and let them fuck. The scene starts off with an interview with Jeff, letting us get to know him better. I tru [...]

Andre Donovan, Krave Moore, and Rex C...

krave 10
What a sweet treat for all you strip dominoes lovers.  The game of ‘bones’ is played among friends by taking turns positioning dominoes together to accumulate points, based on the rules.  Today, Krave Moore has invited over two friends to have a little fun.  But Rex Cobra and Andre Donovan don’t [...]

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