Taye Knight profiled
Many men look for an opportunity as a performer in the world of porn, and some of them get the opportunity, but very few land a job with an internationally renowned company.  Taye Knight is one of the lucky ones.  Does he convince me?  READ MY THOUGHTS THIS WEEK.

Ondre’s Mind: The New Negro Par...

Hello  Hello My fellow Listers! If you recall last year  we talked about "The New Negro". This year we will expound upon the oppressive and submissive mentality that is plaguing the minds of society. Apparently you can take the black kid out of the ghetto and put him in a new place where he learns to be "the [...]

Akisho’s Assessment: The Massag...

A massage after working out? Be careful because it could become a truly sexual experience if you put three muscled jocks together smeared in oil, horny and eager to suck cocks and fuck like beasts. Antonio Aguilera, Antonio Miracle and Mario Domenech are the sexy big dicked men ready for action. To read more head over to Akisho's [...]

BeBop: Addiction and Svengali at Bree...

This scene was set in an apartment for the expressed purpose of a one on one sexual encounter all over the “crib”. Addiction and Svengali gave us home boys from around the way. Do you want to know what I think? Click HERE


Robin Sanchez profiled
This week I bring you a man small in stature, but big in muscles and charm. His name is Robin Sánchez. This built tough man can make drool any of you, viewers. Does he do with me? READ MY THOUGHTS. 

Ondre’s Mind: The Distraction o...

The quality of television has drastically changed over the past few years. I find myself torn between cable and regular television. The recent hit shows like Empire and Being Mary Jane have raised the bar for any future programming. Finally gays are being written into these shows but it comes with some unfair criticism. Is it a distract [...]

BERTO SAYS: When was the last time...

BERTO SAYS: When was the last time…???
BERTO SAYS: When was the last time…??? I am trying to remind you just how blessed you are. It's so easy to get distracted by everyday life. So easy, in fact, that we begin to take the little things for granted. When you stop, take a breath, and look at the blessings in your life, you'll realize that those "littl [...]

Our Health: Gay Men’s Guide to ...

Many Gay men, particularly those of color are genetically inclined to having this disease. We have realize many do not talk about it, understand it, or aware of what it can do. Get youe information on this severe disease by clicking HERE

Akisho’s Assessment: Dev and Tr...

Both performers are slim and sexy young men.The scene flowed as well as expected; nothing spectacular to point out, not much guidance seen.It starts with Trelino sucking Dev off while he is standing. Trelino could barely fit all of Dev's big dick in his mouth. Next up was Dev putting in work on Trelino’s ass.   To [...]

Mello and Red- PapiThugz

Sexy new cummer Mello shows us exactly how you are supposed to handle a big thick dick like Red's. He gobbles down Red's entire dick non-stop by way of both mouth and ass! Red loves to stretch Mello's nice round hole as he inserts more and more dick.   

Andre Donovan and Brandon Jones- Next...

Brandon Jones is a dirty, naughty bad boy.  He texted a picture of his dick to the hot guy that works at the gas station downtown.  Andre is PISSED!  But Brandon knows the quickest way back into his good graces.  That's why he's kissing softly and licking gently along the back of Andre's neck. &nb [...]

Osiris Blade and Theo Ford- HotHouse

Osiris Blade is one of the hottest, hungriest cocksuckers around and handsome Theo Ford loves to get his thick cock serviced. The two studs are a match made in heaven.  Right from the start, Theo's stiff rod attracts Osiris like a magnet. Osiris caves to the attraction and immediately gets on all fours and feasts on Th [...]

Sean Zevran and Sebastian Kross- Falc...

 Sean Zevran's muscled body is irresistible to the inked-up Sebastian Kross. Lying on a table, their limbs tangle and their desire heats up. They're geared up in neon green and orange jocks, and ready for some serious fucking. Sebastian's lips and tongue tease the head of Sean's cock. They swivel into a 69 [...]

Hugo Arias and Stephen- Butch Dixon

hugo 9
Long, lean and hung – Hugo Arias is pitted against ripped, handsome, fat-cocked Stephan raw. Its a totally raw, uninhibited, bareback fuck fest. The sexy boys are bulging in the fronts of their jeans, they quickly strip naked, exploring each others hard, muscular young bodies. Its Huge Arias’ first ever shoot for us [...]

Dominic Santos and Jordan Levine- Ran...

dominic 5
Dominic and Jordan have a passion that had been welling up inside of them. They finally give in to desire and begin to fuck. Raw. They take turns sucking on each other till Jordan shoves his bare dick deep inside of Dominic. Dominic loves it and begs for his cum. Then Jordan barebacks Dominic doggie style and then Dominic sits on hi [...]

Chris Harris- TIMJack

chris harris 2
In this scene shot by Max Sohl, feast your eyes on Chris Harris beautiful 8” cut thick cock. Chris has brown eyes, black hair, standing at 5’11” and is 23 years old. You can expect to see more of this man on Treasure Island Media in the future.

Boomer Banks and Aaron Steel- Raging ...

boomer 4
In the Auto Erotic Shop, Boomer Banks can’t keep his hands off Aaron Steel’s amazing chest hair. It’s got Boomer’s paws wandering all the way down to Aaron’s sexy pubes. They quickly ditch their overalls, and Aaron races for Boomer’s massive cock. Boomer’s got his eyes on the finish line, [...]

Mario Costa and Robin- PeterFever

Mario met me on the court for a game of Horse. He looked sexy standing there, seeing his chest through his tee and bulge in his shorts.  I needed to see what he had underneath so I increased the stakes. We played Strip Horse. Even if I lost he would want to fuck me after seeing my bubble butt.  Mario ended up l [...]

JP Richards and Wade Steel- UKHotJock...

JP Richards is mid-way through a PT session from hunky Wade Steel. He’s training him hard, correcting his techniques and pushing him to go harder. JP is on the leg extension and is incorrectly lifting his core up from the bench, Wade tells him he need to stay flat and presses his hand into the small of his back to keep hi [...]

Drew and Max- Eurocreme

Back in the office, it’s the day after the night before and Brad walks in obviously feeling the effects of his high flying lifestyle.  Undeterred, it’s 4:30 and time to hit the bar once again!  Showing off about his previous conquest, cute long haired Max slowly starts to realise if he wants somethi [...]

Chase Cox and Archer Adams- TIMFuck

 The young man with the beautiful ass ARCHER ADAMS is back to take a ride on CHASE COXXX's humungous 11-inch dick. Archer offers up his hole for Chase to use and that is precisely what he does – pounding the boy until he spews gobs of cum deep inside.

Ansony and Zeus Espana- Fuckermate

Painting and decorating can be tiring work and sometimes boring but not with Ansony and Zeus. They know how to work hard and play hard. They show you how much fun the workplace can be. Ansony knows how to use his big brush and Zeus knows exactly how to take it. This raw encounter is a real hot and horny mix. Enjoy.

Macanao Torres and Picwik- Jalif Stud...

This is a new juice plan offered to us by Macanao Torres and Picwik…Macanao and Pickwik are doing their favourite sport, weights, as they do every morning. As usual, Macanao helps Picwik to lift his own weights and Picwik helps Macanao to up his cock. That is why these hot guys can never finish their morning ex [...]

Malik and JB Bineau- Jalif Studios

JB Bineau is one of those guys who likes to spend Saturday nights in a sex club being treated as a whore…as most of us do! This time he found a fucking bastard who will spit on his face and will leave his ass very horny and very wet just as he likes. Who wants to be Bineau?  

Trappboy and Austin Dallas-Gay Videos...

trap 6
The men from BBRT come in all shapes and sizes, with the next scene bringing us a huge dark cock. Luckily the other man in this scene knows exactly what to do with such a long piece of meat. He licks and sucks it like a true champion, leaving it soaked in his spit. His ass is going to have to be nice and loose for thi [...]

BeBop: Tim and Jeffery Parker at Tim ...

21-year-old newcomer Jeffrey Parker takes Tim Kruger's massive cock like a pro in this smoking hot sex scene which led to an explosion of man juice from dicks and ass. Want to take a deeper look? Click "As BeBop Tells It"


Euro profiled
There are many performers in the urban industry who look the same… slim-built, tattooed body, and meaty lips. This week I bring another of the type that might be worthy of your desires. His name is Euro.  Is he worthy my attention?  Read my thoughts of this week. 

Classic’s Closet: Rick Pantera

Rick Pantera Alias: John Pantera Years Active: 1991 – 1996 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Black Height: 6 ft To read more about Rick, click HERE

Ondre’s Mind: The Reason Why No...

In Illinois we have the very first Mayoral run-off. This is an unprecedented event because the few that voted shows there is a discord in how illinois citizens are being treated. Despite the low percentage of voters, there  was a change that happened as a result. Does my vote really count? Check out what's on my [...]

Akisho’s Assessment: Rios Playh...

Rio, more buff than ever, and swaggerous newcummer Kaleb like to fuck hard, direct, and most importantly, now! Enter Leo Donato into the Playhouse, but only after getting chastised for knocking first. These guys just can't wait. Once he enters there's group sucking and fucking like there's no tomorrow. I will tell you right [...]

BeBop: After Glow Starring Alexy Tyle...

Alexy Tyler is a hot hunk who like play with toys before Sean Zevran comes in and takes over the personal ass play and replaces that moment with his dick to fuck Alexy into the middle of next week. If you want to know my whole hearted opinion click "As BeBop Tells It"

Top 25 Must See Gay Porn Videos So Fa...

6 once upon a time in 3
This is the list we have waited three years to create. There were thousands of videos to consider and think about. There were some videos that had great hype, but the video was quite boring. Some videos slid under the radar or were niche, yet put some amazing scenes together. This list was a true labor of love. You may agree or disagree, bu [...]


Carlos Santiago profiled
Have you ever met a guy who didn't really appeal to you but, intrigued by his sweet face and manners, you give him a try and find yourself surprised? I know it’s happened to me. It’s probably happened to you, too, if you ever find somebody like this week’s profiled performer, Carlos Santiago.  L [...]

Ian Rock: 1st Edition

First Edition..Available NOW!! Read/Share/Post/Discuss..Support! To view, click here►Right or Rock/1st Edition

Sebastian’s Nudism: Naked in Fi...

Sebastian is back with another Naked Experience. Check out his adventures in Fiji and Sydney by clicking HERE

Leo Donato, Rio, and Kaleb- Dawgpound...

Rio, more buff than ever, and swaggerous newcummer Kaleb like to fuck hard, direct, and most importantly, now! Enter Leo Donato into the Playhouse, but only after getting chastised for knocking first. These guys just can't wait. Once he enters there's group sucking and fucking like there's no tom [...]

Hugo and Tony- BangBangBoys

hugo 10
Hugo’s had a hard day and is taking a rest on the carpet when Tony comes home.  Tony’s got a hard cock and he only has one thing on his mind when he gets home and its not sleeping.  He wakes Hugo up and quickly removes his clothes.  Hugo must have been dreaming of this as his cock is rock hard alread [...]

Armond Rizzo, Rico Romero, and Friend...

As we wrap up season 8 of The Asiancy, we take one last look back at the production. Jessie shows us how much he loves to top, our guys fumble over their lines, and Armond shows off his hidden talents treating us to a home cooked meal.  One of our new models this season, Rico Romeo, talks about his experiences in an excl [...]

Mariano and Colorin- BiLatinMen

colorin 2
Mariano tops Colorin bareback in this hot new scene. Check out both of these extremely sexy latin men as they fuck with abandon.

Tyson Tyler and Johnny V- Hot House

With his godlike physique and his tight, willing hole, Johnny V is one of the hottest power bottoms ever, and he’s giving top stud Tyson Tyler full access! With a giant yellow dildo — ribbed for his pleasure! — Tyson makes sure that Johnny’s hole gets a good workout. If there’s anything Johnny lik [...]

Sean Zevran, Brian Bonds, and Derek A...

Zooming on the back roads of the desert in his super charged convertible, Derek Atlas stops to find sexy Sean Zevran and Brian Bonds in need of a ride. Derek takes them to a motorcycle shop where they shift into a high gear three way. All three ripped studs are clad in white jocks, and Brian Bonds’ ass is framed and ready [...]

Ace Rockwood and Vice- PapiThugz

The name says it all. Ace's attraction to Vice just couldn't wait. They skip the pleasantries and get right to it: Ace eats Vice's scrumptious pink asshole and plows his tongue right in there. Vice gives him slurpy head and Ace deep fucks Vice until cum erupts. Classic action just like you'd expect fr [...]

Andrea Suarez and Sean Zevran- Hot Ho...

From the lust in Andrea Suarez’ eyes you can see he can’t wait to explore every inch of Sean Zevran’s muscular physique — with his tongue! Sean whips out his hard cock and Andrea immediately succumbs to his cock-sucking urges by dropping straight to his knees and serving him with wet deep-throat action. Af [...]

Bamm Bamm, Jovonnie, and Casa Nova- D...

Welcome to Paradise where the palms sway and February brings 80° weather, just the perfect setting for a hot fuckfest in the Jacuzzi. Jovonnie, already a porn legend at 25, returns for some serious fuck'n with favorite hot vers Bamm Bamm, who packages up the biggest dick and the most masculine ass we've [...]

Dominic Santos and Zane Porter- Randy...

dominic 1
Dominic was eager to bottom. And Zane loves plowing guys that loved to get fucked. After Zane bottomed for Brandon Foster he was still walking funny, so he was more than happy to top this time around. They took no time to get their clothes off and their hard dicks out. Zane kissed down Dominic to his ebony cock and they both sucked o [...]

Armond Rizzo, Magic Wood, Pedro Andre...

BLA02_05_Pedro_Andreas_Comrad_Blu_Max_Cameron_Magic_Wood_Armond_Rizzo_02 (667x445)
Pedro Andreas leads Armond Rizzo and Max Cameron’s bareback orgy! If there have ever been two gay porn stars crying out to be relentlessly railed, it is Armond Rizzo and Max Cameron. During an interview featuring the aforementioned Pedro, Max, and Armond, we also have Magic Wood and Conrad Blu. Don’t miss 10:30 in the int [...]

Blake and Jessie Colter- PeterFever

I love waking up to the sight of my roommate Jessie Colter. He’s one of the sexiest guys I know with a chiseled body. Every morning I have a morning routine called the “4 S’s” which are shit, shower, shave, and stroke. I usually jack off thinking about Jessie’s huge cock pounding my tight as [...]

Carlos Santiago, Johnny Cruz, and Fel...

Looking to get that perfect shot of yourself with your camera? Well, the selfie-stick is the answer to your dreams – as the arguably self-obsessed trio of Carlos Santiago, Felipe Esquibel and Johny Cruz are only too keen to demonstrate whilst fooling about in the pool in this Caribbean-based escapade. In fact, you can [...]

Eli Lewis and Rocco Steele- Bareback ...

Gay Asian Sensation and rising Bareback Crossover Star Eli Lewis, gets impaled by Rocco Steele’s mammoth cock in his World Premier and first ever Bareback scene. Eli Lewis had longed for Rocco’s massive cock ever since he 1st saw it on our site…and nothing was going to stop him from offering his Bareback C [...]

Leo and Dirk- PeterFever

I had a reception to go to and needed something nice and new to wear. I asked my roommate Dirk if he had anything. He modeled for me so I can see how it looked. Watching him strip turned me on. I could see his bulge peeking through his tight jeans.  I thought I’d help him relieve some of that tension. Watch Dirk show [...]

Hugo Arias and Luke Vogel- UK Hot Joc...

Luke Vogel loves a bit of dirty laundry, dirty jocks in particular. He walks into the locker room after a workout and finds the stunning Hugo Arias getting changed, so he takes a seat and watches the impromptu strip show. Luke slips off his black jock strap and chucks it in his locker before throwing a towel around himself a [...]

Ondre’s Mind: Fem is Famous: Me...

Fem 2
A designer recently showcased a clothing line featuring men in fiited dresses and skirts. The response was typical among the straight population. However, many gay men also felt repulsed and even joined in on the fem bashing. My first reaction was that it was interesting to see a physically fit male in a skirt. We don't know the vis [...]

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