Rogan Hardy profiled
Some of you are big fans of performers who know how to take a dick to the lips and make love to it like a favorite lollipop. I encountered one for this week, Rogan Hardy.  Should I crown Rogan as the King of Giving Head?  READ MY THOUGHTS HERE.

Damian Taylor and Robert Axel- Dawgpo...

Get ready for a nail-bitting, action-packed cop drama. Spoiler Alert: Seasoned Sergeant Robert Axel fucks the shit outta rookie cop Damien! And among the many plot twists leading up to that is that he sucks on his muscle boss's dick, slurping it all in, getting some serious lockjaw. A five-star salute to [...]

Junior Peixoto and Tony D- BangBangBo...

Junior and Tony are kissing in bed – their hands wandering all over each other's bodies.   Tony takes Junior's cock in his mouth and his soft lips stroke up and down the shaft as Junior's cock gets rock hard.   Junior rolls Tony so his ass is in the air and proceeds to gently lick his hole, bur [...]

Mello and Romeo- PapiThugz

Fiery tattoos, muscle on muscle and heated sex drives all factor in to create this crazy scene between Romeo & Mello. Once online, only a click away gets you a hot bottom ready to give up whatever you can serve. Take it all in as the famous Papithugz boys show you how to do it. Go get it and click away.

Armond Rizzo and Mario Costa- Lucas E...

arm 4
These little Latin boys sure are size queens. Armond Rizzo is back, and he puts us all to shame with his skills wrangling ridiculously large penises. Whose ridiculously large penis is in the running this time, you might be wondering? It’s Mario Costa, who is new to the set of Lucas Entertainment, and with any luck he will b [...]

Chino and Virgo- Breed It Raw

chino 1
Breed It Raw brings to you “GIFTFROM VIRGO”! Watch how Virgo dominates the booty and gives Chino’s tight hole a grand slam! He gifts the booty with long strokes and a throbbing rod! Watch Virgo turn tricks on the booty before showering his ass with a creamy load!  

Benja and Louis- BiLatinMen

benja and louis 1
Check Benja and Louis as they have a nasty wet time.

Bamm Bamm and Fernando Del Rio- NextD...

 When Bam Bam stops to pee at a gas station during his road trip, he notices a mysterious hole in the stall wall, next to the urinal.  After closer inspection, he realizes there's a dude inside the stall, peeking out through the hole, and running his fingers along the rim.  I'ts Fernando Del Rio and [...]

Jay Bentley and Hans Berlin- TitanMen

Jay Bentley shows off his hot bod in an outdoor shower. He’s spotted by handyman Hans Berlin, who takes out his own boner and strokes. Hans steps inside, the two kissing as their cocks touch. Hans grips them in his hand and strokes them, his foreskin sliding. Jay sucks Hans, gagging as he goes deep, spi [...]

Austin Keyes and CodaFilthy – P...

What is a guy to do when he begins to miss the single life? He fucks around. I was enchanted by Austin’s alluring smile, deep husky voice, and tall body. Being alone with him I couldn’t help but fall for temptation. Well, screw being in a relationship, if that meant I got to fuck him. Watch CodaFILTHY return to [...]

Krave Moore- TIMJack

Krave Moore Age 27, 5’9”, 170lbs, 10.5 Cut It’s hard to know where to look when Krave gets naked — his killer smile and gargantuan cock are equal attention grabbers.  Krave visited us on his lunch break, his shirt tucked neatly into his pressed slacks. 10 minutes later he was naked, his fat [...]

Yura and Natsume- JapanBoyz

Yura, on the left, tells Natsume that he likes him. Even though Natsume has a boyfriend, Yura makes it known that he would really like to be "in" the boy. Teasing and arousing his partner, Yura begins to kiss this JapanBoyz.com bottom; Natsume gives in and will "give it up." Showing his aggressive topp [...]

Amir Badri, Tristan Riant, Buster Nas...

Though anyone can seek to join the most sought after traveling sex club in the greater metropolitan area, not everyone can actually be a Bear Rider. There are steps you must follow, rules you must obey, and one man you must please…Tristan Riant. The mild-mannered club leader with a cock almost as thick as a beer [...]

Juan Lopez and Billy Baval- World of ...

The guys have found a secluded room, they kiss, taste each other bodies, get each other hard and ready. Billy is against the wall and Juan moves down towards his cock. He takes it in his mouth and works it up to full extension. Billy enjoys having his cock sucked but Juan has a very suckable cock too so he pushes him back un th [...]

Carlos Leao and Massimo Piano- Fucker...

Night BCN plays host to this hot fuckermate session. If you thought a bar was only good for drinking then Carlos and Massimo will show you how to get more enjoyment especially when you have a bar all to yourself and your dirty minds. Carlos has a huge cock and an insatiable sexual appetite and Massimo is the perfect power b [...]

Alessio Romero and Jimmie Slater- Dud...

Jimmie Slater is hot stuff and he's cooking up a secret sauce that's gonna make Alessio Romero's ass his. One taste and Alessio is on his knees deep throating Jimmies big dick. Jimmie sinks to his knees and get's himself some Latino dick. But he really wants to fuck ass so he bends Alessio over [...]

TJ Chase: Amatuer Review- Straight Fr...

TJ Chase: Amatuer Review StraightFraternity.com If you have only been watching porn from the major studios, then you are missing out on some really good “bust a nut” type of porn videos.  Amateur porn is growing in popularity and I am here to tell you why. When perusing the internet for porn, one will find plenty [...]

BeBop: Frajo-Jaime Featuring Frajo an...

This was a breath taking scene that plays to the fantasies of viewers that enjoy seeing rough sex. If it’s not rough, it’s not right. Frajo was the dominate top who roughly raw fucked the life out of Jaime with not much resistance.  If you want to learn more about this incredible scene click "As BeBop Tells It&q [...]

News: Lupe Fiasco Pens A Poignant Ope...

Lupe Fiasco is one of the few genuine hip-hop artists we have right now. True hip-hop is directly connected to the oppression blacks suffer from white privilege. In this article, Lupe brilliantly dispels the delusion this terrorist has in regards to privilege. The more tragedy that occurs, the more people begin to speak out like never [...]

Ondre’s Mind: The Party To Be P...

Thick 2
Everyone I hang with believe that thick is in. There are so many attractive men out there with normal bodies that don't look like a greek God. I still hear guys complain about the hot men not looking their way and only dealing with men who also are muscular. Are we really shocked? Why go for superficiality if you can possibly g [...]

Akisho’s Assessment: UK Naked M...

The two brought a lot of energy to the scene. I would have liked to see them connect a bit more, though. The director kept things changing with the various positions and camera angles. Once Jordano put Alexx in doggy position, the energy began to pick up. Seeing Alexx's hard dick bouncing around as he was getting fucked let me [...]


We have seen many performers from around the world… from the great continents to the smaller islands. This week I bring you a talent hailing from Curacao. His name is Hector Agusti.  Is this jet-black man strong enough to mesmerize me?  READ MY THOUGHTS HERE.

BERTO SAYS: The Power Pamphlet

BERTO SAYS: The Power Pamphlet
BERTO SAYS: The Power Pamphlet What exactly is success? Webster dictionary defines "success" as "the correct or desired result of an attempt." For many people, success means being wealthy and/or famous. These are the same people who equate success to material possessions. The idea of having a nice car, a big ho [...]

TJ Chase: Amateur Review- Legend Men

TJ Chase: Amateur Review LegendMen.com If you have only been watching porn from the major studios, then you are missing out on some really good “bust a nut” type of porn videos.  Amateur porn is growing in popularity and I am here to tell you why. Muscle men that shoot thick loads of cum will be the highlight [...]

BeBop: Aston’s DeeLite Featurin...

This incredible scene was set in the typical hotel room with two seemingly good friends working out an issue which was quickly resolved. They moved into a great versatile sexual situation that was a joy to watch.  Want to see more? Click "As BeBop Tells It"

Akisho’s Assessment: Next Door ...

Morgan Shades is quite the looker, and multi-talented to boot.Rey Luis is very sexy with a muscular and tones body. Together this pair is a treat to the eyes, however their actual presence was lacking. They pulled out a classic work place fantasy, bending your boss over his desk and giving it to him good. I will say that [...]

News: 10 Reasons You Should Date An ...

Othe post
As a fellow "older" guy I approve this article. Older men have certainly been getting more play in the gay community lately. I think the younger guys are starting to see how appealing we are when it comes to sex, knowledge, and security. This article gives some great attributes to us older guys. People often ask me why I alway [...]

Ondre’s Mind: Like A Virgin

Main pic
I can still remember my firs time. Yes it was in the stone age but we had sex back then too. It's an experience I will never forget. I'm sure my Listers have some entertaining tales of how they got their cherry popped. Well this handsome man in this weeks article has decided that he wants to live as a virgin till he gets ma [...]

Jessie Lee and Owen Michaels- PeterFe...

I was hungry and was looking in the fridge for something to snack on when Jessie popped up from around the corner. He offered up his cock, but I ended up getting even more, his ass. Apparently this was his first time taking it in his tight hole. Owen Michaels fucks sweet Jessie Lee to appease his craving in The Asiancy S9 [...]

Mr. Cali, Rio, and Alex- DawgpoundUSA

One helluva showstopper this week, Big Dick Mr. Cali and muscle hotboy Rio are charged with fuckin Alex. And damn, he's on fleek, sexy as shit with his ripped abs and sexy smile. The closeups of Mr. Cali's humongous dick going up Alex's tight hole are eye-popping–and we didn& [...]

Sean Duran and Xavier Saldana- Lucas ...

xav 9
In Xavier Saldana’s model profile, he makes his sexual preference very clear — in his own words it’s all about “anal penetration.” With that said, the production team expected him to deliver a performance as a hungry bottom, and he didn’t disappoint. That’s why he was paired up with Sea [...]

Armond Rizzo and Sean Zevran- Hot Hou...

Hot Dr. Sean Zevran's frequent patient, Armond Rizzo is waiting for him in the examination room. When the doctor inquires about his medical challenge, Armond says that 'this time' it's his lower back, and that the last treatment he got really helped him a lot. Armond pulls down his shorts and mounts the exa [...]

Alessandro Del Toro and Fernando Del ...

Alessandro is leaving on a business trip and Fernando is left behind all by himself for 2 weeks. At least they can video chat while he is away but Fernando wants to have phone sex but there just isn't time to do it. Eager for his man to come back he finally arrives home and he can't wait any longer so they immediat [...]

Tyson Tyler and Dario Beck- Raging St...

tyson 10
Lovers of hot ass play will rejoice with this sexy display of intense sexual chemistry. But first, Tyson Tyler and Dario Beck play with each other’s stiff cocks, as the dynamic duo exchanges juicy blowjobs. Tyson is so turned on by Dario that he decides to explore his body further, taking a big black dildo and sensually p [...]

Rey Luis and Morgan Shades- NextDoorW...

rey 9
Rey Luis is just about as his wit’s end with singer/songwriter Morgan Shades. Morgan has the look and the talent, but lately he just hasn’t been delivering the goods and Rey’s ass is on the line to produce a hit. Morgan seems to be having writers block at the worst time, and Rey is really feeling the pressur [...]

Iragi and JoJo- BiLatinMen

jojo 1
BiLatinMen presents two new Latin men models Iraqi and JoJo in a hot sizzling barebacking suck and fuck.

Jin and XL- NextDoorWorld

jin 10
This is a feast for the eyes! When two very attractive men notice each other, just outside of a busy, downtown park, sparks fly right away.  XL was just relaxing on a sitting feature when along walked Jin Powers, very smartly dressed.  The look Jin shot XL was enough to say, ‘come to my apartment and fuck me. [...]

Jackson- Maskurbate

jack 9
Even though Jackson is a really great dancer and choreographer, these days are tough for everyone. He decided to audition at a local strip club for extra cash. I replaced the guy who usually hires the new strippers and brought with me new sets of rules

Deep Dicc and Jessy Russel- BlacksonB...

deep 5
You gotta love star athletes. You know the ones…who walk around campus and don’t give a shit about anything. They don’t care about classes and tests and mid-terms and finals. They don’t care because the system’s rigged in their favor, so they don’t need to perform anywhere else except the f [...]

Brad Hern, Rodrigo Calas, and Sergio ...

Rodrigo calls Sergio to brag about the great sex he just had, only to find out that Sergio has the exact same news for him.  So the two decide to do what hot men do, join forces.  Sergio and Brad arrive and are immediately intertwinded with their new friends.   Rodrigo and Sergio begin undressing each other as Bra [...]

Alejo and Erick- SDBoys

Finding a spot to pop, Erick takes five from his Dominican Republic Army duties and starts to stroke one out.  As his commander, Alejo, always has to know what his men are "up to," the pair meets.  For today's SDBoy.com video, Erick's going to be "up to his ass" again; taking it from [...]

Eli Lewis and Rod Peterson- PeterFeve...

I feel that love has been redefined lately with all of the dating apps out there. I have a boyfriend but I think having an open relationship with your fuck a lot of guys is the best way to go. How can you know what you really want unless you get plenty of experience? That’s were Rod comes into play, young and f [...]

Devo, Envy, and XL- PapiThugz

XL is double fuckin' Envy, whose body is on fleek, never better, and hot bottom Devo. XL's big dick makes a round-robin on both of them for 2X the action. Passionate kiss'n, slurpy suck'n, and XL digg'n out 2 hot, tight holes with the utmost vim and vigor. It's how we roll at the &# [...]

Letterio Amadeo, Raul Korso, and Toff...

Letterio and Toffic are hanging out having a smoke when Raul stops and asks for a light. After a brief conversation, Raul invites the handsome couple over to his place. Once in the apartment the clothes are quickly stripped away and Raul and Toffic begin tag teaming Letterio’s huge, uncut cock. Sharing [...]

Masato- JapanBoyz

Masato agrees, he's a bit of a JapanBoyz.com "pervert," and would like to try masturbating during the day, in public. Already chubby just thinking about it, he begins to touch himself and chat about wanting a gay guy. Showing his "spots," Masato tugs through his underwear then pulls out his uncut c [...]

Hugo Arias and Alejandro Dumas- Fucke...

We promised you that we would bring you Hugo in action and today is the day. The hairy and toned Hugo is the perfect partner in crime for the insatiable Alejandro Dumas. This encounter is between two hot athletic Cubans. Pure hot raw chemistry. Cuba viva La Revolucion, viva fuckermate.com. we proclemed [...]

James Django and Bryan Knight- Breed ...

Bryan Knight has been inside James Django's PHAT black ass once before and he was eager to get back there again, to show off on camera how he loves to damage black hole.  Shoving his face deep in James's big ass, he almost suffocates but pulls himself out and shoves his big cock down James's throat to get it nice an [...]

Cory Koons and Em Davis- TIMSuck

Em Davis possesses an imposing cock and he knows it. Rather than being intimidated, though, Cory Koons is inspired to open wide and deepthroat the entire length immediately. There's no hint of gagging as the master cocksucker gorges himself, swallowing every inch of Em's massive throat-stretcher — and every hot dro [...]

Dirk and Ren- MaverickMenDirect

OMFG! I never say this but, this is absolutely one of the hottest videos I have ever shot! This is one of those videos where two total strangers meet, sparks fly, and sexual chemistry and spontaneity collide and explode into one of the most amazingly orgasmic fuck flicks your dirty little eyes have ever seen! This is the video debu [...]

Alessio Romero and Drake Jaden- Titan...

Marine Drake Jaden is stroking his big boner in uniform when he’s interrupted by roommate Alessio Romero. “Sorry about that, man,” he says. “I had a pretty tough deployment.” Alessio doesn’t mind, whipping out his own cock as the two stroke and stare at each other. “I guess this is don& [...]


King B profiled
It’s so fascinating to see fresh faces coming to the industry, bringing their talents to a very demanding audience. Very few of them stick in your memory immediately; others take time to evolve. This week I bring you King B.  Does he enchant me with his royal presence?  READ MY THOUGHTS HERE. 

Bob Burkhardt: Mr. Cali

Check Out Never Before Seen Pictures of Mr. Cali Photographed by ThaXXXList Family Member Bob Burkhardt Just Click HERE


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