Alejandro Dumas profiled
This week I bring you a handsome performer with the tropical flavor of Cuba. His name is Alejandro Dumas. He just might be the main ingredient in a good “emparedado cubano” (Cuban sandwiches). Can his buns lead me to put my meat and cheese there?  Read my thoughts of this week.  Share this:Share on TumblrPrint [...]

Dominion’s Opinions: Blackballe...

or… How to Screw Yourself Out of a Paycheck It’s the oldest story in the world: Movie studio tells actress to get her black ass on a plane to Cannes to promote Precious before the Oscars. Actress says… Movie studio offers to upgrade her hotel if she would just go and promote this movie. Actress reiterates that [...]

JAM’s Classic Closet: Kevin Kem...

Kevin Kemp Alias: Troy Maxwell Years Active: 1996 –  Gender: Male Ethnicity: Black Height: 6ft 1in Kevin Kemp appears in 21 scenes. Kevin Kemp appears in 44 videos. READ MORE Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

BeBop: A Wicked Game

The story with this scene is that James Hamilton is the sexy psycho neighbor, and he’s a voyeur who’s made a habit of watching these two go at it. Curious to know more click "As BeBop Tells It" Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

Ondre’s Mind: Pass The Plate

Church 1
As a self-procaimed heathen, I only visit a church when i'm asked to support a friend. There is a mega church in every state and illinois is no different. Today's mega churches are far more modern than I remember. What stuck in out in my mind the most during a recent visit to a church was these special "ATM" machines s [...]

Akisho’s Assessment: Jacopo Pia...

Two hot men going at each other with animalistic passion. They both fucked like the world was about to end any minute. Passion and aggression combined as these two men took each other by storm. This is pure wild and raw fucking done right by two wild and raw men. To read more head over to Akisho's Assessment Share this:Share on Tumbl [...]


Orlando Ink profiled
I am glad that after evaluating several performers I finally have to check out a hunky cub. His name is Orlando Ink. Is this light cinnamon-skinned man good enough to make me roar?  Come and read my thoughts this week.  Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

Dominion’s Opinions: An Open Le...

Open Letter 2
Last fall, Luis Pabon, writing for Thought Catalog, lamented that he didn’t want to be gay anymore. He said that he “…came to this community searching for love, intimacy and brotherhood. In return, I got shade, infidelity, loneliness and disunity.” When he first came out, he says he felt good to be a part of “ [...]

JAM’s Classic Closet: O.G. John...

O.G. Johnson O.G. Johnson appears in 4 scenes. O.G. Johnson appears in 2 videos. More Here Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

Akisho’s Assessment: Valentine&...

Breed It Raw – It’s Valentine’s Day and these two wanted to do something exxxtra special for their boo! Mari Mills set the perfect mood for to arouse Apollo have him ready to dig in his guts! Rose are red, violets are blue, Apollo dicked him down and gave him creampie too! To read more head to Akisho's Assessmen [...]

Our Health: Cancer Facts for Gay and ...

cancer 4
We as gay and bisexual men tend to not pay attention to our health as we should. This week we decided to do an indepth look at a disease and health disparity that affects many men. Cancer.  To read more just click HERE   Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail


BERTO SAYS: Take Care You can't love somebody into getting it. You can’t love them so much that one day the light bulb just goes off in their head. You can't, you just can't. It's simple; you can’t help anyone who won't help themselves. I may want the best for you but if you don't want it for yo [...]

Ondre’s Mind: The “Other&...

Several years ago in Chicago, a well known drag performer died. She was extremely popular in the Chicago LGBTQ community., She won several beauty titels and was admired by many aspiring performers. At her funeral, her family decided to cut her hair, take off her make-up, and remove all of her implants. They even put her in a suit a [...]

BeBop:Hungry White Hole at Nasty Raw ...

Austin Dallas is the  bottom in this booty slaying, deep dicking scene with QuAwn, Ice, and K9 ready to beat up an open and very receptive greedy white hole.  Read further click As BeBop Tells It Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

Adrian Hart, King B, Johnny V, Rocco ...

The hottest, raunchiest guys on the planet come together to ‘Bang On!’ in brilliant directors Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond’s celebration of intense, connected man-on-man sex. Johnny V shares his hot hole with big n beefy Jaxton Wheeler in an all-muscle fuck session. Adrian Hart and  [...]

Abraham Al Malek and Sean Zevran- Rag...

sean 4
Dressed in work boots and jeans, Abraham Al Malek and Sean Zevran are a striking example of blue-collar testosterone. After a deep kiss, Abraham rips the jeans off Sean, revealing his rigid erection. Abraham wraps his thick dick sucking lips around Sean's pole. Streams of saliva flow to the ground as Sean aggressively face-fuc [...]

Rafael Carreras and Dato Foland- Luca...

dato 4
Uncut bareback fucking starring Dato Foland and Rafael Carreras: It’s always a gay porn event on the Lucas Entertainment website when Dato Foland stars in a scene. This aggressive stud, while versatile, usually comes out on top and takes control of the situation when he’s having bareback sex. Rafael Carreras proves to b [...]

Andre Donovan, Damian Brooks, and XL-...

You will NOT believe the hot action that happens when these three tasty hunks play a game of truth or dare!  First, XL gets dared to kiss Andre Donovan.  When they do, Damian gets a total boner in his pants!  Then, Damian gets dared to pull his pants down and show his ass, and he DOES IT!  And while his trousers [...]

Rocky Oliveira, Bruno Jones, and Bren...

Find out what major porn star Rocky Oliveira offers to trespassing fans Bruno Jones and Breno Lopez, and how the three of them end up in an unforgettable fuck sandwich! Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

Alessio Romero and Nick Cross- MenOve...

Nick Cross needs Latin Muscle Daddy Alessio Romero's dick and he needs it bad. The sexy stud sucks on his big dick and worships it for all it's worth. In return, Alessio spits on Nick's hot little hole and eats his ass out… loosening it up for the fucking that is to follow. You can tell by the look in Nic [...]


Taethedoug (2)
Every year many men of all ages try out to be in the porn business. The young ones get more chances to get in, and in a matter of a year, you might see their scenes. This week I bring you Taethedoug.  Does he pass the test to impress me?  Read what I think of him. Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

25 Porn Performers You Don’t Kn...

osiris blade
So it has been awhile since our most watched list has been published. We wanted to take our time and find the right men that deserve to be on it. As you know we want to make sure we recognize our beautiful black, latin, arab, and asian men to the fullest, so we want you to know some of the new faces and great performers you should be spendi [...]

Remy Mars: Ripping Off the Bandage

  For the most part of the new year I’ve been dating this guy. We were first introduced last October via Jack’d one horny night, but never got around to actually meeting, and only kept contact through Jack’d or text messages. He was cute in pictures, definitely my type as far as white men go, but… READ [...]

Dominion’s Opinions: That…...

A couple of weeks ago, a Facebook “friend” posted a 3-minute film, which I guess he though was amusing. He seemed to think it was ok because he had reposted it from the Facebook page of a Black friend of his. The premise is ridiculous, but stick with me. It’s important to note that all roles in this short film are played b [...]

JAM’s Classics Closet: Ty Jones

TY JONES Ty Jones made his way to the porn biz in 1985 and quickly became a well known actor. Throughout his years in the industry, Jones worked with some prestigious studios, including Bacchus Releasing, Pacific Sun Entertainment, HIS, Tool Factory, and many more. Jones appeared in more than 80 titles over the course of his career. [...]

Akisho’s Assessment: Jaime and ...

Jaime has a sexy high school thug-type of look. Cuerito is handsome, with a few more manly features. It was the epitome of “don't talk, just fuck”. This scene was a whirlwind of changes. From the initial oral sex to getting ready to fuck, I had to do a double take. I enjoyed watching Cuerito use his mouth to control [...]

Alejandero Solis and Red- PapiThugz

Sexy New-Cummer Alejandero Solis enters Red's Royal Rendezvous Room! Red loves to break-in the newbies with a long hard pounding and this rendezvous doesn't disappoint with hard, slurpable dick and fuckin the hell outta Alejandero.  Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

Sean Zevran and Ryan Rose- Raging Sta...

In jock straps that accent the curves of their muscled asses, Ryan Rose and Sean Zevran explore each other's bodies with their hands and tongues. Ryan devours every millimeter of Sean's endowment, and his face becomes smeared with saliva as Sean's thrusts become a full-on face fucking. Sean returns the oral worship w [...]

Assassin and Red- DawgpoundUSA

Get ready: Assassin slays us in his debut on Dawgpound. Red is the ever-dependable long-stroker. That dick is long and hard with Assassin's ass poised to take it all in. Much to Red's delight Assassin relishes in deep-throating his dick & polishing his balls as a primer to the deep fuck'n and extreme [...]

Fabian Baptiste and Mike James- Staxu...

fabian 5
Mike James looks every inch the perfect boy-next-door – a young man who’s never had a filthy thought in his life! But, as everyone who’s seen him in action knows by now, nothing could be further from the truth. As such, it comes as no surprise whatsoever when he immediately takes advantage of the unexpected arriva [...]

Adan and Hugo- BangBangBoys

adan 9
Adan has been blessed. Blessed with a gorgeous body and a MASSIVEcock. He’s in bed playing with his huge schlong and in comes Hugo and immediately takes that thick beast in his mouth – gagging on every inch. Adan turns Hugo around – and wets his hole with his tongue. The sight of his chocolate skin agai [...]

XL and Brandon Jones- Next Door Ebony

Sometimes, the excitement on a first date can be so intense, it makes both parties' dicks hard.  This is one of those first dates.   Brandon Jones is stoked to be sitting with hunky XL, sipping wine in XL's apartment.  They met at the gym last week and the chemistry was palpable.  Now they're look [...]

Sean Zevran and Alexy Tyler- Hot Hous...

For Alexy Tyler, there's no greater pleasure than getting his ass filled, and if there's no one around to help, he'll take matters into his own hands! With his legs raised in the air, he fucks himself with a giant butt toy. When he's not pummeling his own hole, he sucks on the toy, savoring his own taste. But it [...]

Krave Moore, Kyle Ferris, and James E...

When Krave jerked off for us in BONER, he showed off an impressive cock – thick, veiny, and full of cum. He was eager to do more and we couldn't help thinking his member merits more than one mouth. Cue the cock-hungry newcummers: Kyle Ferris and James Eden. Give 'em a dick like Krave's and they're kids on C [...]

Jalil Jafar and Felipe Ferro- Kristen...

The Obelisk in the center of the city has stood tall and majestic for many years, as a beacon calling all gay men to come and admire and to find their own tall, erect and rock hard shaft. Felipe is sitting one day admiring this monument when Jalil passes by and Felipe’s imagination goes wild. All of  a sudden [...]

Hugo Arias and Stephen Raw- Kristen B...

Stephan and Hugo have hooked up online and are burning with desire long before the clothes come off. Hugo releases his huge bulge and Stephan quickly jumps at the opportunity to swallow his huge cock. The guys switch up positions and find that their cocks are very similar in that they both curve down, which makes it very easy to sl [...]

Zeus Espana and Craig David- Fuckerma...

We promised that we would soon have Zeus in action for you. Now from the Greek kingdom of Olympus you can see our Zeus going through his full coronation ritual. What a way to welcome him to FUCKERMATE. Here he is in a hot raw action. We don’t need to tell you the story, you just open the link and watch what happens [...]

Drew Kingston and Friends- Bulldog Pi...

Who doesn’t love an orgy on a lazy Sunday afternoon?  Bruno Bernal and new face Craig Daniel certainly know how to party, and inviting over 3 other horny young fuckers brings the total to five fuckers all out to fuck and get fucked!  First through the door is Drew Kingston, and hot young black kid with a de [...]

Louis Ricaute and Milo- Staghomme

In the first of Stag Homme's BUENOS AIRES series, muscle-boy Louis Ricaute steps onto his balcony to soak in the Argentine summer sun a bit. But the summer sun has the habit if getting Louis a bit riled up. So he takes out his fat rock-hard cock and starts stroking it while watching the action below on Avenida 9 de Julio, the wi [...]

The Sit Down- Seduction Interview

Seduction: Sexy Survivor Khalil Kane Happy Valentine’s Day! To those of you that celebrate the holiday we have a gift for you and those of you that do not we are sure you will enjoy as well. Introducing to some …Seduction. This performer has been around for awhile, but many people do not know much about this entertain [...]

Our Health: When Good Black Cracks

  If you really don’t want your “black to crack” then take care of your skin. Stop smoking, manage your time in the sun, and maintain a balanced diet. That’s the easy part. Read More About It   Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

Ondre’s Mind: Strictly Blackly

I am the youngest of three boys. Both of my brothers are happily married with children. Guess what? Not one of my sister-in-laws are black. I love both of them and my neices and nephews. My brothers found love with a white woman and a Mexican woman. I figure someone has to "keep it black" so it might as well be me. Check out w [...]

BeBop: Knockout and June Quinones at ...

This was a hot and sexy scene that was set in a typical hotel room where Knockout and June Quinones enjoyed a hot time with one another hard.  To read my opinion just CLICK Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail


Andrea Suarez featured
Tancredo is “traveling” one more time to bring you my critique of another Spaniard performer. His name is Andrea Suarez.  Does he impress me?  Come on and read my thoughts.  Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

BERTO SAYS: Happy Valentine’s D...

BERTO SAYS: Happy Valentine’s Day!
BERTO SAYS: Happy Valntine's Day! Throughout the year, there are a plethora of holidays designed to make us all take a moment and reflect on some meaningful person, place, or event. Perhaps this holiday is just like those others. Maybe 02/14 is designed for you to stop what you're doing and take some time out to show [...]

Our Health: Better Health Overview

  We want to keep our readers and followers safe with a sex positive emphasis, This new page will focus on information, statistics, and spotlights on living a well rounded and healthy life. Do not miss these new stories and important information. Just click Our Health, Our Lives Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

Ondre’s Mind: Love + 1… O...

Homonorm 1
The reason why my last relationship didn't work wasn't because he cheated (which he did). It was because he couldn't accept the fact that he enjoyed having sex but not always with me while having an emotional connection with me at the same time. I gave him several opportunities to be sex positive but he refused the notion im [...]

Akisho’s Assessment: First Date...

Sometimes, the excitement on a first date can be so intense, it makes both parties' dicks hard. This is one of those first dates. Brandon Jones is stoked to be sitting with hunky XL, sipping wine in XL's apartment. They met at the gym last week and the chemistry was palpable. To read more head over to Akisho's Assessment [...]

JAM’S Classics Closet: Gene Lam...

Gene Lamar Years Active: 1987 –  Gender: Male Ethnicity: Black Height: 5ft 11in Eye Color: Brown Gene Lamar appears in 28 scenes. Gene Lamar appears in 53 videos. READ MORE Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

BeBop: Champ And Studz At BiLatinMen

This scene looks as if it was set in someone's home where two homeboys shared a beer, and Champ tore down the walls; and I’m not talking about the structural walls of that dwelling, but the walls of Studz anal canal! I have a lot of opinions about this scene. Click As BeBop Tells It Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail


Staxx profiled
This week I bring you a man that I could go  “Slam Dunk” in the porn industry.  His name is Staxx. Does he inspire me to go out to the court and have a one on one game?   Here are my thoughts this week.   Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

Ray Diesel and Vice- DawgpoundUSA

Watch as Sexy Latino Bottom Vice runs into his sexy-big-dick-neighbor Ray Diesel for the first time… As soon as they meet they realize they need to fuck ASAP! Watch as they turn Vice's apt upside down as soon as the door opens. Vice gets a good ass stretching that will last him a lifetime and he never neede [...]

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