BeBop: XL’s Raw Addiction featuring X...

vlcsnap-2015-07-30-13h30m01s178 - Copy - Copy
XL’s Breed It Raw debut scene with Addiction is up. This is his second bareback scene (His first one was an interracial scene with Legacy courtesy of DudesRaw. This is his first scene as a bottom in a bareback scene. Naturally critics are giving XL a hard time about his transition.  I am sure he did what he needed to do [...]

News: An All-Transgender Modeling Age...

News 1
The trans are taking over! I'm sure that's what many transhpobes will say when they see a new modeling agency open in L.A.. This is a major step for the Transgender community. This would not be possible several years ago. Already there are several models ready to work, and I expect much more when they officially launch. I'm [...]

Ondre’s Mind: What Matters The ...

Many of my black friends are exhausted over explaining why the Black Lives Matter movement is so crucial. Our Facebook news feeds are saturated with murder after murder by the hands of the very people that are suppose to keep all of us safe. Unfortunately if your skin is brown or black you don't get the same quality of service [...]

Bob Burkhardt- XL Poolside Photo Shoo...

Check out uber popular porn model XL in his latest shoot with Bob Burkhart. To see more just click HERE

XL and Logan Moore- HotHouse

Hung stud XL sits back and jacks his thick cock while eager and sexy Logan Moore watches in amazement from a distance. XL licks his lips as he gropes his dick and shoots Logan a look inviting him to come have a taste. Logan approaches XL with an open mouth perfect for XL's uncut cock to slide into. After swallowing all of [...]

Krave Moore and Osiris Blade- NextDoo...

krave 10
Remember your first time in the locker room at the gym?  Krave Moore has just joined a new gym downtown and doesn’t quite know what to expect.  At his old gym, there was a glory hole where all the hot, sweaty, pumped up hunks would hook up.  But Krave has yet to make any new friends at the new place&hell [...]

Dayon Starr, Leo Donato, and Ush Rich...

Ush returns with some feverous big dick action. He brings his signature brand of heat, dirty talk'n Leo Donato and Dayon as he mercilessly drills them both in the ass with that spectacular dick of his, "you gonna let me fuck you and you gonna tell me how deep it is!" Don't miss the triple fuck scen [...]

Addiction and XL- Breed It Raw

xl 10
This week on BreeditRaw brings to you “XL’S RAW ADDICTION.” Addiction gives XL a piece of that raw life fulfilling his every desire! These fellas were the perfect match each other, being as nasty and raunchy as they can be! They exchanged kisses and XL nearly swallowed Addiction whole! Addiction [...]

Dirk and Leeam- MaverickMan Direct

leeam 9
Some boys are just born big, tall and thick; some with thick cocks and some with thick asses. Our boy Leeam just so happens to be blessed with all of the above. We paired him up with our horn dog deluxe, Dirk. You’re in for a treat because Dirk LOVES him some white cakes, lol. Watch Dirk make big Leeam take i [...]

Crudo and Forever- BiLatinMen

crudo 4
BiLatinMen presents Forever and Crudo fucking up a storm.  

JP Richards and Scott Hunter- Alphama...

JP Richards probably isn’t the best employee in the world, casting an eye over the waiting hulk of muscle Scott Hunter, his real masseur is running late but JP keeps him waiting for some tasty eye candy before building up the courage to offer his own trainee experience on him!  Taking him up on the offer, English Sco [...]

Hugo Arenas and Mario Domenech- Fucke...

The hot summer months makes us all horny and when your mind wanders it is easy to get carried away. That is what happened to Hugo and Mario, these two beautiful sexy guys got hot and bothered in the summer sun and ended up naked and fucking al fresco. This started out as innocent sun bathing and ended up as hot raw fucki [...]

Seki and Kiba- Japanboyz

Working on their endurance, the guys first put on some clothes. After they're back in the room, the clothes come off, and the stamina is again "tested." As it is Kiba's first time kissing a boy, the two take it slow; it's so hot to see a straight guy working on his "boundaries.&quo [...]

Mateus Axel and Sandro Bullock- Red H...

Mateus Axel and Sandro Bullock bump into each other on the street and catch up before Sandro invites Mateus back to his new apartment. While checking out Sandro's new place, Mateus has only one thing on his mind. Bareback sex! Sandro is a top-notch sucker, greedily gobbling as much as he can before switching positions. [...]

Abraham Montenegro and Martin Mazza- ...

Our favourite Spanish, cock-hound – Martin Mazza is back again, showing off that famously handsome face and seriously talented, dick-milkimg ass hole, AND this time he's breaking in a new boy – Abraham Montenegro. Martin hand picked Abraham and couldn't wait to get his greedy mouth on those sensiti [...]

Eli Lewis, Kyle Ferris, and Flynn Eva...

FUCK HOLES 3 – Pre-Release – Ride It Like You Stole It FUCKHOLES 3 the new video from Max Sohl.  Sometimes a Hole is Just a Hole.  PRE-RELEASE SCENE. FLYNN EVANS – our dick from down under – takes on the two power holes of ELI LEWIS and KYLE FERRIS. Full movie coming August 5.

Anzar and Jack Farmer- World of Men

Cameraman Jack decided to go out and play tourist while checking out some man hunt reserves in le Marais. Security is strict, however, and cameras aren't allowed to capture images from one particular bar that treats you to hot men showering, as opposed to classic go-go dancing. Paris is full of hot men and offers something [...]

Jarod Pierce and Danny McCoy- Gay Vid...

Jarod Pierce, a local businessman, stops by on his lunch break to unload some cum. Danny McCoy quickly pulls out his cock. Jarod is a hung Latino with a uncut cock.  Site: gayvideosnetwork  

BeBop: Temper and Trigger Featuring T...

LatinBoyz model Temper met 18 year old Trigger are on the Metro and immediately knew he wanted to get in his pants, but then he discovers  he is straight. They kept talking and realized they had a lot in common and Trigger hinted that he might beopen to "fooling around" if money was involved. Temper is young and in good s [...]

Jay Black: The Popularity of a Racist...

trump 6
Jay Black Opinion: The Popularity of a Racist Silver Fox I have come to the conclusion that most Americans like "crazy" so long as they are consistent, and Donald Trump is nothing but consistent. The news continues to report how Donald Trump has been climbing in the polls despite the inane comments that he has been making wh [...]

Abdur Rahim: I Ain’t Gay No Mor...

Transman 4
Abdur's Opinion I Ain’t Gay No More! I’ve Been Delivert!!! – Coming Out…. as a Pansexual!! In my last opinion article, I revealed my experience with a friend of mine named Jamaal who I was very attracted to. He was born Janice and transitioned into a man. Knowing that he fully transitioned, I could no [...]

Akisho’s Assessment: Bamm Bamm,...

Taggaz presents Romance, Bamm Bamm and XL All three of these men are versatile power houses. They each have the body, dick and ass to hold their own. The three of them together is a wet dream come true. They each bring their own flavor … To Read More Just Click Akisho's Assessment Akisho

TJ Chase’s Amateur Analysis: Wr...

Today’s amateur analysis takes me over to XTube where I take a look at WrathsVengeance aka Wrath Homunculus.  Wrath has gained quite a following on XTube with over 3300 subscribers to his content and a whopping 2 million people have watched the 34 videos that have been posted.  Most videos that I viewed begin with a phat [...]

News: Adult bookstore employee: shoot...

kevyn 6
I'm sure the man in this photo looks familiar to most of you. Ex porn star Kevyn Mines aka Venom was an employee at a bookstore when an apparent hate crime ensued. Typically the police hasn't labeled this as a hate crime despite the fact all evidence points to one. We have so far to go to change the attitudes of our justice syst [...]

Ondre’s Mind: White Is The New ...

page pic
They say "black don't crack". Maybe that's why Rachel Dolezal wants to be black so bad. The more I listen o her the more I want to lock her in a room with a psychiatrist, With help I think she would see how distorted her perceptions are. Rachel is a perfect example of how a dysfunctional family can permanently aff [...]


Tancredo profiled
 It’s been a year since I took the chance and become your porn critic.  Week after another I have brought you a performer and bring my opinions of how good he is and if it’s not, what could be improved.  It was not an easy task.   But my last thoughts go to those who have ever dreamed to be part of t [...]


Noah Donovan - profiled
It’s so exciting to learn about new performers in the industry that replenish the ranks as others are on their way to retirement. This week I bring you  Noah Donovan.  Is this man the future?  READ MY LAST PROFILED PERFORMER CRITIQUE HERE.

TJ Chase’s Amateur Analysis: B...

If watching Blacks on Boys makes you cum, then be sure to read today’s review of The owner of this site is who also owns a plethora of porn websites from gay to straight and a lot of interracial porn. also considers themselves to be the King of Interracial Entertainment.  Blacks [...]

Akisho’s Assessment: Raw Fuck C...

Raw Fuck Club – Mario Cruz and Marcus Mateo are real life boyfriends and these Latin hotties know how to fuck. Marcos surrenders his beautiful bubble butt up to Mario's uncut cock and gets a massive load pounded into him before shooting his own huge load.  To read more head over to Akisho's Assessment

BeBop: Bang On featuring King B and A...

Adrian Hart and King B are each equipped with delicious nine-inch cocks; the chiseled hunks make out passionately before Adrian pounces on King’s cock and sucks it like there’s no tomorrow. Hoisting Adrian into the air, King buries his face in Adrian’s inviting ass for an enthusiastic rimming. With Adrian’s hole wet [...]

Sean Zevran and Dario Beck- Raging St...

A kiss is not just a kiss when Sean Zevran's tongue is in your mouth and his hard cock is poking your navel. Most of Sean's heavily muscled body is covered by a 5 o'clock shadow of bristly hair. Dario Beck is furrier. All over. Dario responds by stooping to swallow Sean's cock, with some skilled hand and lip w [...]

Armond Rizzo and Brian Bond- Club Inf...

Armond Rizzo and Brian Bonds kiss hard, and Brian quickly replaces his tongue in Armond's mouth with his uncut cock. They're in it and intimate, and Brian ravishes on Armond's hole until he's squirming for something more. Taking the signal, Brian dives in and pumps his juicy cock in and out of him. Brian' [...]

Eli Lewis and Austin Keyes- PeterFeve...

I was working out when Eli asked to join. My imagination went into overdrive as I stared at his plump ass going up and down as we did a set of squats. I imagine him sweaty, riding my cock. Fuck! It was hot seeing him keep up with me so I cut the workout short and moved it to the bedroom. We stripped off the sweaty clothe [...]

Macanao Torres, Juan Lopez and Elio ...

Macanao is on the red sofa, with Juan’s cock is lodged deep in his mouth while Elio’s mouth is keeping his cock wet and hard. Juan sits next to Macanao and Elio’s mouth works overtime on the 2 big cocks. The doorbell goes and the South American barman lets two customers in, they stop and watch the action. Maca [...]

Colt Rivers and Aaron Reese- Hot Hous...

Colt Rivers is busy tuning up his bike, but Aaron Reese wants to take him for a different kind of ride. Sucking Aaron's hung uncut cock and playing with his own asshole is only the beginning for Colt. Aaron finds a few nice tools in the shop that are a perfect fit for Colt's eager ass. After that, it's game on! These [...]

Aday Traun and Diesel O’Green- World ...

Aday works himself hard and steps forward to claim possession of the hunk by jamming his cock in his mouth.  Diesel does not resist and sucks the cock offered without complaint. Aday loves his cock being sucked as much as sucking cock so he pulls Diesel up and he drops to his knees and returns the favour. Diesel presents [...]

Sean Zevran and Letterio Amadeo- Ragi...

 Letterio Amadeo flirts with Sean Zevran as they take a roasted walk thru the desert. When Sean says he's looking for snakes, Letterio wonders if the one in his jeans will fit the bill. He kisses Sean and suggests that they fuck. Sean whips Letterio's massive uncut cock out of his jeans and takes it deep into [...]

Rey Luis and Jaxton Wheeler- NextDoor...

Jaxton Wheeler is a high-powered exec with one thing on his mind: Rey Luis's dick.  Jaxton is staying at a resort on business, away from the wife and away from the kids.  Last time he was in the area, he met Rey at a casino, just off the interstate.  The two had some drinks together and ended up fucking in [...]

Sean Duran and Michael Cummings- Pete...

I went looking for Sean and found something better, a pair of his worn Andrew Christians lying on his bed.  I imagined them hugging his firm round ass and could not resist taking a sniff.  I took a deep breath and I could smell the heavenly musk of his sweaty junk. Before I could take another sniff, Sean caugh [...]

Gus and Marky- BiLatinMen

marky and gus 4 presents Marky & Gus. Marky loves men choking on this thick uncut cock and eating ass.

Mr. Cali, Rio, and Romance- Breed It ...

romance 7
“SEX IN THE CINCY” Part One and Two ! Romance, Rio, and Mr. Cali are giving you hot action! These fellas turn Cincinnati out and show how it really goes down! Watch Rio and Romance flip fuck as Mr. Cali watches then dominates both of them!

Jordano Santoro and Max Duran- UKNake...

jordano 1
Its always a pleasure to shoot, bumping-grinding, pumping-squirting guapo – Max Duran, but when he introduced us to Jordano Santoro we couldn’t believe it, he’s so hot with such a perfect body, BIG hard legs, firm, peaches of butt cheeks a tiny waist and rock hard abs with a broad, pumped chest and t [...]

Adrian Hart and Andrew Stark- Falcon

hart 5
Huge in every way, Andrew Stark towers over tight-bodied Adrian Hart, whose satiny chocolate skin contrasts with his brilliant white jock strap. Adrian’s 8 1/2-inch cock juts out like a ramrod from his jock, rubbing hard against Andrew’s equally long but fatter meat. Adrian kneels, using his lips and tongue to work t [...]

Armond Rizzo and Krave Moore- Club In...

armond 10
Armond Rizzo gets a raging hard on as he strokes his bullet butt plug thinking how great it’s going to feel when Krave Moore blasts his ass with it. His small, ripped physique can take almost anything that Krave can throw its way, and it’s the perfect stage for an all-out drilling. Before his ass bites the bulle [...]

Viktor, Manuel, and Craig- Kristen Bj...

Viktor and Manuel are cruising online when they run across some very enticing photos of Craig. Since they are both cock hungry men and Craig has an enormous cock that could entertain two such men they immediately invite Craig over. The men unleash their mammoth monsters to one another and the party begins. Manual drops to his [...]

Adrian Hart and King B- Raging Stalli...

adrian 4
Adrian Hart and King B are each equipped with delicious nine-inch cocks; the chiseled hunks make out passionately before Adrian pounces on King’s cock and sucks it like there’s no tomorrow. Hoisting Adrian into the air, King buries his face in Adrian’s inviting ass for an enthusiastic rimming. With Adrian&rsqu [...]

Jovonnie and Xavier- PapiThugz

Hot new performer Xavier is back to take on one of Our Top pornstars Jovonnie. Watch as Xavier gobbles down Jovonnie's big dick. These two come right in time for the summer with pure carnal fucking! Jovonnie shows Xavier no mercy when he shoves his dick deep and hard into his asshole and pounds him out doggy-Style. M [...]

Hisoka, Kiba, and Kinjiro- JapanBoyz

In this second half of the straight boy's introduction to the pleasures of another man, Kiba kneels while his dick is "attended" by Kinjiro, who will bottom. Getting ready to top, Hisoka "opens up" his partner. Once in Kinjiro, the top works his mouth on Kiba; the boy's hands begin to explore b [...]

James, Mario, and Sergei- Kristen Bjo...

Mario meets up with his old friend James and invites him back to his place. When they arrive Mario’s lover Sergi is excited to see that he has brought home a sexy friend. The three men begin disrobing each other and explore each other’s sexy bodies with sensation of touch. Sergi frees Mario’s cock and devo [...]

Anthony Grey and Joseph- TIMSuck

You know those days when you just need a good mouth wrapped around your dick doing its best to get you off? Joseph is having one of those days. Fortunately for him, talented cocksucker Anthony Grey stops by on his lunch break to give the man's fat dick the service it requires. He latches on like a starving dog thrown a bone, [...]

Jun and Khan- JapanBoyz

Khan and Jun are out for some Karaoke, but decide to go back to Khan's for even more fun. These two cuties chat and realize they both have a bit of a crush on the other. Enjoying this "reveal-ation," they kiss and "head" to the balcony. Back in, the underwear gone, they continue their [...]

Bamm Bamm and Romero Santos- Dawgpoun...

This is one passionate fuck. Romero Santos has the muscular sweet ass of life. Bamm Bamm is in reverie, kissing that ass, sucking that ass, deep tonguing that ass, spit'n all up in dat ass, and plunging the fuck outta that ass with his phat, hard dick. Not to be missed. Enuf said.


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