JAM’s Classics Closet: Randy Co...

JAM’s Classics Closet: Randy Cochran
Randy Cochran Years Active: 1986 –  Born: Aug 28th 1962 / Virgo Birth Place: Balimore, Maryland Gender: Male Ethnicity: Black Height: 5ft 9in Those of you who love classic porn are no doubt familiar with, and probably enamored by Randy Cochran. Randy’s career in the adult industry spanned the 80’s and 9 [...]

Bebop: Lap Dance with Benefits at Bla...

Freaky J was the first straight-boy Internet “crush” for an entire generation of gay and bisexual men, and finally getting him to take the huge step of trying “gay for pay” porn was the can’t-miss “porn event” of the summer. The scene itself might have been far from perfect, but just the fact th [...]

Marxel Rios and Osiris Blade- ExtraBi...

osiris 10
Marxel is horned up and he has no other means to satisfy himself except to call in for an escort. He tells the operator that he wants the man with the biggest dick they can offer. He heads home and eagerly waits for his big dick escort to arrive. Osiris shows up at his door and they exchange m$ney for his time but first Marxel [...]

King B and Nubius- Next Door Ebony

nubius 4
Nubius is the type of bar owner that likes to get a full effort from his employees. When King B didn’t show up for work last night, Nubius knew he’d have him make up for it another way. King B knows the look in his boss’s face that says, ‘suck my dick if you wanna keep this job.’ And King B likes to [...]

Juan Lopez and Derek Atlas- Hot House

juan 4
Derek Atlas’ jockstrapped ass fills the screen as he bends over to slurp and swallow Juan Lopez’ cock. Juan’s muscled torso is dusted with hair, as is Derek’s hot hole. Turning around, Derek reveals his hole to Juan and receives a wet and juicy rimming. Derek is a total muscle stud who also knows how to tak [...]

Master Devon and Joseph Rowland- Bad ...

devon 4
Master Devon decides to get some pleasure out of his slaveboy. Joseph Rowland can barely get his mouth around the Master’s enormous cock, but once inside, Master Devon starts face fucking away. Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

Champ and Studz- BiLatinMen

champ 2
Champ and Studz get it on very nasty style. You do not want to miss these two sexy man set the screen on fire. Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

Brandon Foster and Zane Porter- Randy...

brandon 6a
The specimen of man. Zane Porter has a tatted up body that is hot as fuck. These two jocks were working out in the gym. And what starts out as a friendly workout turns into some hot jock gay fucking. Zane starts out by pulling out that big black dick and starts to deep-throat it. He sucks it down and cannot get enough of it. B [...]

Boomer Banks and Brian Bonds- Raging ...

Boomer 5
A St. Andrew’s cross in the background lets you know that Brian Bonds and Boomer Banks are getting ready for some seriously nasty fucking! They are locked at the lips and at the hips, with only jock straps providing a thin barrier between them–but not for long. Boomer spits in Brian’s mouth and Brian uses it to d [...]

Rico Vega, Aiden, and Bamm-Bamm- Dude...

When furry Latino power-bottom Rico Vega wants his hole plowed by two big dicks, his bear buddies Aiden and Bamm-Bamm are only happy to oblige. The action gets so hot that at one point director Nick Moretti hands over the camera and fucks his own load into Rico with his huge cock. Bears Just Wanna Have Fun! Share this [...]

Master Devon, Master Tye, and Brice C...

The bitch Brice Carson's legs are raised, and juice starts to flow between his nipples.  Masters Tye and Devon apply the electro judiciously, always ready to give a smack of the flogger when it suits them.  Watch the boy squirm! Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

A.J. Orion, Aston Jackson, Bobby Swad...

Seth is a student at State and Joshua's serving our country and both need some extra cash. First they trade blowjobs; each savoring each other's cocks. They make their scene erotic and passionate adding lots of kissing and caresses to their sucking and fucking. Dave, a 6’8” basketball player, was spotted [...]

Arnau and Jered- Kristen Bjorn

After lunch Jered invites Arnau over. As they leisurely undress each other they enjoy the touch, smell and feel of the others sculptured body. Their hands unfasten the others pants as they fall gently and expose their strong and rigid cocks. Jered takes the full breadth of Arnau’s straining cock, feeling his balls restin [...]

Antonio Aguilera and Flex- StagHomme

Flex is home alone watching porn pouring himself few drinks. He gets horny and soon really drunk until he falls asleep with a big hard-on.. Antonio, his roommate, comes back home from the gym and finds his naughty buddy on the couch. He's been longing for an occasion like this and starts stroking Flex's dick. Soon [...]

Armond Rizzo and Joey- HotBarebacking

Armond deep throats Joey's juicy cock – lubing it with generous amounts of spit. He then presents his fine ass to Joey who fills it with his bare cock and a generous amount of cum. Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

Fostter Riviera and Michael Selvaggio...

Portuguese sneaker pig Fostter Riviera returns with a vengeance to the Cazzo world. He proves sometimes a man's hole has needs and clearly has a few ideas on how to handle his hunger. In typical Berlin fashion Fostter found the perfect place for his desires: an abandoned storage room. Joined by Dutch newcomer Michael Selvaggio [...]

Dash’s Decisions: Introduction ...

Waddup everyone!!!!! I’m Dash and I was born and raised in New York. I’ve been watching porn before I could walk… lol, no but seriously I’ve always had an interest in porn.  As a young boy I would rather watch porn than cartoons and I never thought anything of it. As a new por [...]

Bebop: Introduction Letter

  Hello to all the fans & followers of ThaXXXList I am BeBop (Beautiful Boi of Pride) 48 yrs young, a native New Yorker, a single, same gender loving black man. I am naturally erotic.  I am the founder of the Pride Network Blog & Shows! My mission is to share resources, inspire my people to be great, and encourage all [...]


Alessio Romero profile
5’ 7” tall Mexican former ad man Alessio Romero came to the adult industry at very late age. He had the very good luck to succeed despite the fact that many older performers like him are being swept under the rug by many porn studios. He has many followers.  Can he count me as another one?  Read to my thoughts this wee [...]

Bamm Bamm: Simple Fitness (Special Wr...

Hello Listers. Welcome to Bamm Bamm's world of fitness. The first thing to starting a fit and healthy way of living in 2015 is good eating habits always watch what you are putting into your body. Remember if you feed your body junk then that's how it reacts and feels junky and horrible, it also looks that way too.  Now, to [...]

Sebastian’s Nudism: Introductio...

seb 2 banner
Come along and join none other than that big dick papi as he shares with you his Nudist Adventures. This new page will educate and enlighten the curious about a way of life that many have yet to understand or have knowledge of. This week Sebastian describes his Nudist Adventures in Little Beach Maui. Check him  out at Sebastian Rio' [...]

Champ Robinson’s Tribute to Kam...


JAM’s Classics Presents: KamRun

KAMRUN Aliases: Kamrun, Kam Run Assher, Kam Asher Born: Jan 22nd 1973- Jan 22nd 2015 Birth Place: Oklahoma Gender: Male Ethnicity: Black Kam Run appears in 97 scenes. Kam Run appears in 150 videos. READ MORE Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

Ondre’s Mind: Scared of Being M...

Main pic
My last trip to the barber shop was eye opneing.  My regular barber wasn't there anymore so I settled for the first available. This particular shop is pro-black and filled with Muslim barbers. When someone mentioned the new show Empire my barber immediatlety says he is "turned off from the show". When I asked why [...]

Akisho’s Assessment: Tomas Lope...

The natural sounds that come up in this scene are what make it stand out. Joey Pele once again proves to us that he’s passionate when fucking a bottom; so don’t let his young and sweet face fool you. This guy knows how to get his cock sucked and fuck an ass. And if there’s anyone who can take it, it [...]

(Rereleasing from 5/23/13) Exclusive ...

kam 6
  Kamrun: The Epitome of a “TRUE” Porn Star Khalil Kane       Kamrun was my very first porn crush. I remember the first time I saw him. It was my first time watching a black gay porn movie. I remembered his face and body so vividly. The movie was Black Devils and his scene partner was th [...]

BERTO SAYS: My Husband is NOT Gay

BERTO SAYS: My Husband is NOT Gay
BERTO SAYS: "My Husband is NOT Gay" When I first saw this commercial air, I immediately put a reminder in my phone. The day I got the notification, I quickly set the DVR so I wouldn't forget to record it. Of course I was gonna watch this! Are you kidding me? The tittle alone is ridiculous and that is no coincidence. [...]

From the staff of THAXXXLIST: A Tribu...

Kamrun January 22, 1973 – January 22, 2015 Dear Listers, It is with a heavy heart that we must say farewell to a profound human being by the name of Kamrun. Today was his birthday and also the day of his passing. Kamrun leaves behind a devoted partner of 6 years and a spectacular career that spans decades. In 19 [...]


Seduction - profiled
When you hear or read the name Seduction, you might think of a guy with the ability to get you to give in to your desires, who will whet your sexual appetites nice and easy… maybe a touch of rough. Is he good enough to seduce?  Come and read Tancredo's Thoughts.  Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

Samson- TIMJack

samson 1
Samson is sexy muscular long hair Latin hottie with a 8” uncut cock, brown eyes and black hair at the age of 32 years.  He is 5’6” in height and enjoys deserted beaches, bathroom stalls in a busy club. Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

Bamm Bamm, Haven, and Mr. Elz- PapiTh...

So horny you can't wait for Valentine's Day to bust that mega load? Bamm Bamm, Elz, and Haven are setting exemplary standards on how this shit is done. Bamm is always at the ready with big dick and great abs. 11-year Papithugz exclusive Elz is still rockin the best ass on the planet–see how good he looks [...]

Rio and TaetheDoug- Breed It Raw

rio 7
BREED IT RAW starts the year out with 2 tatted sexxi bois. Fan favorite Rio and new to BreedItRaw – TaeTheDoug. Rio slings that 10 inch thick uncut dick with a tongue that shows no mercy. His sex appeal will make ya dick hard from jump. Check out TaeTheDoug, Cleveland native who has a nice deep voice, sexxi bo [...]

Juan Lopez and Rainier- Kristen Bjorn

juan rainer 7
Rainer and Juan have hooked up online for a wild flip fuck. Juan’s enormous cock is unleashed and Rainer chokes it all the way down his throat. Juan then switches up and feeds his hunger on Rainer’s steel rod. Rainer postures his pucker hole just above Juan’s probing tongue as he begins fucking Rainer’s sm [...]

Angel Cruz and JP Dubois- UK Hot Jock...

jp 11
JP sits and waits in black boots, black and yellow striped rubber chaps and jock and matching rubber harness wrapped around his bulging chest. A pint of yellow liquid sits near, JP picks up the glass and gulps down the lot in one go, only spilling a little to glaze his pec’s. Angel joins the scene in a black rubber harness [...]

Tomas Lopez and Joey Pete- Lucas Ente...

joey 5
The natural sounds that come up in this scene are what make it stand out. Joey Pele once again proves to us that he’s passionate when fucking a bottom; so don’t let his young and sweet face fool you. This guy knows how to get his cock sucked and fuck an ass. And if there’s anyone who can take it, it’s Tomas [...]

Paco and Jean Frank- Fuckermate

jean 3
The morning is the horniest time of the day, and Jean Frank and Paco didn’t just enjoy breakfast, but a lot more than that – this is the hottest way to wake up. You can’t miss this hard encounter between these two muscle guys. Jean of ‘This Way’ gives a warm welcome to our new mate, Paco, pure Ital [...]

Hotrod and Jacob Lee- TIMSuck

hotrod 1
Jacob Lee is no newcummer to sucking dick but even this experienced bonehead gets wide-eyed with awe and lust when he sees Hot Rod’s massive ebony cock up close and personal. A lesser man might be intimidated but Jacob goes after Hot Rod’s anaconda with all he’s got. The kid does his best to swallow as many thic [...]

Armond Rizzo and Noah Donovan- Raging...

armond 7
Armond Rizzo is a short, sexy fucker with the toned body of a gymnast. Muscular Noah Donovan is working Armond’s body over with every method at his disposal, including his huge cock. Each man uses one hand to stroke the other’s cock: Armond’s free hand explores the terrain of Noah’s lightly furry chest, an [...]

Apollo and Dagger- Breed It Raw

apollo 5
Apollo with his gorgeous eyes and big thick dick delivers another hot and creamy load all over his homie Dagger’s face. It started out as a lonely night, listening to music, taking a shot, and then boredom sets in. Tired, home alone and horny, Apollo decides to hit his boy up. If you like serious head game, this movie w [...]

Mario Costa and Blake Stone- PeterFev...

I never like to lose, so when Mario was winning during our tennis match, I started taking off my clothes one by one until I was naked. I knew he wanted my ass and it was my time to take advantage of that. It worked; Mario couldn’t resist staring at my balls instead of the tennis ball. He thought he could pull the same [...]

Leo Forte and Issac Hardy- NakedSword

 Isaac Hardy receives a poolside massage from Leo Forte until both of their dicks get hard. Leo notices the sexy boy’s bulge and can’t help but tease Isaac, making his cock grow harder. Leo pulls out Isaac’s cock and goes down on the monster while he spits on his own cock preparing to fuck. Isaac lays b [...]

Austin Wilde and Joey Devero- Austin ...

Back in the saddle, Austin Wilde has a hot young first timer in bed with him in Joey Devero. Joey has never been on film or with a man, but he seems eager and willing to please as Austin rips off his shirt and begins to suck his dick. Luckily for him, Austin is no amateur, as evidenced by how quickly Austin's oral skills [...]

Alessio Romero and Issac Hardy- MenOv...

Isaac and Alessio are staying inside today for some role play action and Isaac is in the other room putting on some leather gear but he's not feeling comfortable about it at all. As he tries to squeeze into his leather straps Alessio is eager to see him and has been waiting for a while now. Isaac finally feels decent and walks [...]

Master Devon, Master Tye, and Brice C...

After slapping all of that hot wax off, Masters Tye and Devon drag the boy Brice down, bend him over the table, and stick a cold electro butt plug into his ass. He screams as the juice starts to flow, and is flogged when he doesn't scream loud enough. Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

Frank Valencia and Mateo Stanford- Ja...

It's closing time at Dark Alicante but Mateo wants to take a leak before going home. The waiter (Frank) still wants to party so he decide to take advantage when there are no clients left to put him on all fours. Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

Marcelo Mastro and Bruno M- BangBangB...

As soon as Marcello and Bruno walk in the door they start kissing passionately.   Bruno's pierced tongue is hot that Marcello can't wait to feel his steel on his fat cock.  Tattooed Bruno looks so hot with his mouth wrapped around Marcello's meat but Bruno really wants to feel his legendary cock in his a [...]

Master Devon and Joseph Rowland- Bad ...

Master Devon has received another slaveboy into the facility. He skillfully uses a flogger on the the chest and back on the vulnerable Joseph Rowland. The slave is give just enough slack to really squirm as the flogger destroys him. Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail


Black Force Stars: Danny Young, Michael Polk, Ty Jones,  Randy Cochran, Tony Mason,  Jeremy Scott, Thom Katt, Richard Harrison, Cory Jacobson, Dave Robertson MORE HERE Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

Ondre’s Mind: I’m just no...

Main pic
Finding love can be like winning the lottery. The chances are virtually impossible. The truth is; it’s our uncanny ability to complicate things that should be simple that makes finding the man of our dreams that much more difficult. This week I want to share some dating tips with you from my mind… Share this:Share [...]

Akisho’s Assessment: Tyler Trem...

Tyler is an american tourist visiting the beaches of the Dominican Republic, where he finds Enrique and the two of them get to know each other better. To read more head to Akisho's Assessment     Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

12 Bosses of Porn You Should Know and...

In the porn world. There are all types of individuals who have taken charge of their careers and have made a name for themselves. Those are individuals that we here at ThaXXXList.com call bosses. They are moving and shaping the industry into their image and have been successful doing just that. Ingenuity, presence, creativity, and just pers [...]


ChiTown profiled
  It’s nice to find performers who have the will to do porn and enjoy it like a ride in an amusement park. This week I bring you Latino performer ChiTown.  He shows lots of sparks like most of the Latinos como yo which brings an atmosphere of fiesta, but do you think that these characteristics convinced me that ChiTown is [...]

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