JAM’S Classics Presents: Black ...

JAM’S Classics Presents: Black Sex Party
Black Sex Party Stars: Dennis Johnson, Darryl Arnold, Michael Alviso, Gordon Russell, Al Ridgley, Rico Vanross, David Watson, Tory Bell, T.J. Swan Studio: Bacchus  Series: Black Sex Party Director: Mike Haggerty  MORE HERE Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

Ondres’s Mind: Thirsting For Tr...

What can kill you faster: Flying in a plane? or meeting some "trade" from Jackd, Grindr or A4A? The hunt for the perfect "trade" man can be dangerous. What is it about them? let's explore the true image of "trade" in my mind… Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

ThaXXXList Top 100 Hottest Porn Perfo...

Finally, the Top 100. This year was another great year for porn watchers the world over. This business is tough, but the fans and bloggers can be tougher. This is our official list spanding the cross sections of the gay/trans porn world looking for Black, Latino, and Blatino performers that have brought the hotness this year. We also added [...]

The Sit Down: Boomer Banks Interview

boomer banks
Boomer Banks : The Heart of the Artist Khalil Kane So this interview has been sitting and waiting for awhile now. We here at the site needed to fix some technical issues, tighten up some business processes, and get into a new space. So I am ready to put this out to the world. Boomer Banks is one of this year’s leading porn p [...]

Akisho’s Top 10 Favorite Porn S...

Happy Holidays to all my Listers. We have had a great journey this year talking about all the great, and not so great porn scenes that came out. Well the time has come to choose my top 10 scenes of the year. These are the scenes that for one reason or another really got a “rise” out of me.   10. Performers: Jay Lan [...]

Ondre’s Top 10 News stories of...

Hello listers! It has truly been a crazy year in the news to say the least. This year has brought out the best and worst in people. I hope that we go into 2015 with purpose and keep that momentum the entire year. I doln't believe in resolutions, but I do believe in achieving goals. We should never stop moving forward nor should we wa [...]


Hello my Listers!  2014 has been a great year for me though at this point none of my scenes have come out on line.  Still I got the opportunity to meet wonderful people and hoping 2015 could be my year to break through.  But in the meantime, I want to share my thoughts of who are my personal Top 10 porn performers who I p [...]

Chase Cox, Drilla, Jin Powers, Saxon ...

 White boy Saxon West gets used and abused like a prison bitch by the monster cocks of a trio of hung black men. Chase Coxx, Drilla, and Jin Powers take turns pummeling the boy's hole until each of them is done with him and their cumloads are swimming deep in the whore's ass. Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

Draven Torres and Adam Russo- Barebac...

  Adam shows us how eager he is to fuck Draven’s ass in this steamy and sexy bareback encounter. Playfully romping on the bed it’s not long before they are locked into a 69. Adam teases and taunts Draven’s twitching hole as the tip of his fingers gently probe and poke his ass. Draven quivers in deli [...]


This week I present to you a nice thick caramel man. His name is Kidd Rock. His look is different from many current performers and I think those fans with a taste for thicker thugs will like him, but does this man with dreadlocks light the fire in me? Read this week Tancredo's Thoughts.  Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmai [...]

Dominion’s Favorite Things 2014

Happy Christmahannukwanzikah to all you naughty boys and girls! Do you know what time it is? Calm down, gurl! It’s just a list of my favorite porn performers of 2014. Anyhoo… The competition was stiff and I was up all night In the end, though, I eked out a winner using rules first established by our Brista&he [...]

Dayon and Red- PapiThugz

  When your sexy nextdoor neighbor shows up half naked at your door 'cause he ran out of hot water and wants to use your shower–get a hint! Dude wants to get fucked in the worst way! So Red obliges and fills that young hole with big dick, stretching that booty out, but not before eatin that ass out good. Check [...]

Jessie Lee and Troy Liam- PeterFever

Liam and I waited backstage for the show to start. I was getting horny seeing all the hot boys in their Andrew Christians. Liam couldn’t stop staring at my bulge; fuck I was getting hard.  He couldn’t believe how big I was and insisted I stuffed, but I don’t. My dick is just huge. Well seeing is believi [...]

Fabien and Mateo- Kristen Bjorn

fab 1
  Mateo and Fabian return home and immediately begin stripping each other. Mateo plants his stiff cock in Fabian’s mouth and begins feeding him all he can handle. Fabian then returns the oral pleasure of his cock down Mateo’s throat. Mateo turns around and presents his smooth hole for Fabian to work over with his [...]

Devon Strong- TIMJack

Devin Strong  A Max Sohl scene. COCK: 8" EYES: brown HAIR: black AGE: 34 HEIGHT: 6' TURN ONS: DP, DV (double vagina), 3-Somes, oral, and orgies Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

Little Wolf, Cole Maverick, and Hunte...

We have a special treat for all you lovers of hairy guys, especially if you like sexy and hung uncut Latin men!  Woof!  Our Little Wolf is back and sexy as ever!  We're still sitting on a few more vids with him and they are all really HOT!  This gem was filmed after we had done a week-long shoot for MaverickMen [...]

Trelino and Trez Ro- BiLatinMen

      So what do you get when you mix fan favorites Trelino and Trez Ro. You get one amazingly hot session.Check it out today. Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

Ondres Mind: The New Negro

Many people think the world has drasticsally changed when in fact the window to reality that was once muddy is now easier to see through. A new revolution is rising and we should all be a part of it. Check it out here… Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

BERTO SAYS: Santa’s Twerk Shop

BERTO SAYS: Santa's Twerk Shop Hello, Readers. Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Happy Hanukah, and Happy Kwanza! Thank you for tuning in to yet another edition of "Berto Says". What can I say? You've come on a good week. Where are my manners? Please allow me to welcome to you "Santa's Twerk Shop". Th [...]

Akisho’s Assessment: Chulito an...

Chulito and Little Trouble team up to work off some steam in the short and sweet video. I think that there could have been a lot more to this scene. See what I have to say   Just click and go read at Akisho's Assessment Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

ThaXXXList Top 100 Hottest Porn Perfo...

66 robert axel
Our true labor of love has arrived. This year was another great year for porn watchers the world over. This business is tough, but the fans and bloggers can be tougher. This is our official list spanding the cross sections of the gay/trans porn world looking for Black, Latino, and Blatino performers that have brought the hotness this y [...]

Now Playing…One on One with Red

Join Sexy porn performer Red as he sits with our Publisher Marshall Evans to talk about his marriage, his sexual preferences, and his experience as a successful porn performer. Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

Jam’s Top Vintage/iconic Porn P...

Joe Simmons
So as we are known to do annually. It is time for us to announce our Top Choices for the year. Our Vintage writer has started the ball rolling. As our historian  he has taken the time to list his Top Iconic/Vintage performers for this year. The list is not in any particular order, but they are the performers he felt we should all be aw [...]


Devon LeBron feature
I remembered the days I started watching porn to read the information in boxes and magazines regarding the stars of the time and some of them were exclusive models for certain studios.  This week I bring you Devon Le Bron, a young Dominican guy who model exclusive for Staxus Video.  But what I think about him?  Come and r [...]

Jin Powers, Mike Best, and XL- Dawgpo...

Jin Powers, Mike Best, and XL- DawgpoundUSA
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Siren and Apollo- Breed It Raw

siren 7
                  Breed It Raw brings to you  “STUFFED N’ CREAMED”! Sexy model Siren attempted to serve up our newest edition to Breed It Raw: Apollo – a quick Thanksgiving meal, but he had a taste for som [...]

Boomer Bank and Sean Zevran- Raging S...

boomer 3
Boomer Banks and Sean Zevran are lip locked and hard cocked. Boomer’s dick is the biggest you’ve ever seen, but its Sean’s huge meat that Boomer wants to suck on. Boomer doesn’t neglect an inch of Sean’s boner, and Sean crams Boomer’s monster cock down his throat. When Sean switches from blow job t [...]

Robert (Axel) Christian and Seth Bond...

Dylan Lucas Exclusive Seth Bond met Robert at a club in New York. They immediately had a connection but Seth had a flight back to California in 2 hours so they never had a chance to play around. They did exchange numbers and 6 months later while in California Robert called Seth Bond. They met the next day and has you can see in th [...]

Sean Zevran and Shawn Wolfe- Raging S...

sean 5
Young, hung and hot for each other, Shawn Wolfe and Sean Zevran explore each other’s bodies with kisses, hair pulling and nipple twisting. Both are muscled and scruffy. Their erections are too much for the mesh pouches of their jock straps to contain; whey they pop out, the guys engage each other in mutual masturbation. Zevr [...]

Rocco Steele and Gaston- Fuckermate

rocco 5
Fuckermate knew all about Rocco Steele and that he has one of the biggest dicks in the gay world this meant that we needed a power bottom to take this huge raw top. The sexy Gastón was the perfect match. Rocco and Gastón had an intense and horny raw session. The chemistry and connection between these hot naughty mate [...]

Ricky, Rex, Sal, and Haigen- Southern...

rick 3
                  We thought the weekend was over after watching 14 different guys cum thru the house, we need a power washer to remove all the cum spilled as the guys spent 4 days fucking anyone and everyone that showed up. You can imagine my su [...]

Kid Satyr and Dusty Williams- Raw and...

kid 3
  Kid Satyr is test fucking his cute furry boy Dusty Williams for his Sir, Jake Wetmore. Kid face fucks Dusty to get his cock nice and hard. He then proceeds to plow that boy’s ass with his thick black cock. Kid breeds dusty deep. As Kid pulls his throbbing cock out, his big cum load oozes from Dusty’s well fuck [...]

Fostter Riviera and Patrick Baur- TIM...

fostter 8
Fostter Riviera warms up by administering a slow, thorough hole-stretching to Patrick Baur. Once his hefty tool has that fuck chute loosened up, the rapacious topman has his way with Patrick, plundering his sweet ass in every position he could think of. After satisfying himself and dumping a white-hot load, he invites Patrick t [...]

Sean Zevran and Abraham Al Malek- Rag...

al 4
            Dressed in work boots and jeans, Abraham Al Malek and Sean Zevran are a striking example of blue-collar testosterone. After a deep kiss, Abraham rips the jeans off Sean, revealing his rigid erection. Abraham wraps his thick dick sucking lips around Sean&rsqu [...]

Dominion’s Opinions: An Open Le...

In a world where a Buzzfeed list passes for insightful, Pulitzer-worthy journalism, a Dramatic Kween named Stevie posted a thought-provoking article on gayguys.com entitled, “20 Reasons It Sucks To Be A Gay Black Man”. A couple of weeks later, Luis Pabon wrote an article entitled, “Why I No Longer Want To Be Gay” for [...]

JAM’s Classics: Rage

RAGE There is a RAGE deep inside.  A rage that goes so deep that I can't even be around the people I love on holidays. I have been feeling this rage since my mother died. This residual anger! READ MORE Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail


Cutler X Profile
What comes to your mind when you read Cutler X in the title?  Yes, many things come to the mind! Cutler X is one of the most notable performers of today.  But what are my thoughts about this performer that has captivating the viewers?  Come and read my article at Tancredo's Thoughts. Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

BERTO SAYS: Thanks Giving

Al3 - Copy
BERTO SAYS: Thanks Giving Thanksgiving: a holiday with which we're all familiar. What is the point of this day? If we don't at any other time of the year, this day is intended for all of us to reflect back on all the things we are appreciative of and grateful for in our lives. Ideally, we'd do this daily; however, the [...]

Ondre’s Mind: Trading Your Happ...

"But I love him!". I've said that phrase far too many times and always for the wrong perosn. When I come to my senses I quickly realise my temporary escape from everything that makes sense. Let's talk about it. Check out what's on my mind… Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

Red and Marcus Issacs- TIMFuck

red 1
Marcus Isaacs has been known to take a proper dicking, fucked and bred by the best of ‘em. But when Red’s 10” cock slides right up Marcus’ furry hole, it’s difficult for even this seasoned bottom to look composed. Pinned down and pounded until Red is thoroughly satisfied, it’s clear Marcus walks [...]

Antonio Aguilera and David Avila- Fuc...

david 5
It is sometimes hard to keep your hands to yourself when you share a lift with a sexy guy. Your mind rounds wild with the thought of endless possibilities. David invited his hot new neighbor Antonio to his apartment. For what some hot, hard and passionate sex. This was a passionate encounter of pure ecstasy. Horny opportunism. [...]

Tyson Tyler and XL- Next Door Ebony

tyson 4
XL knows his boyfriend Tyson Tyler doesn’t like to make a big deal out of birthdays, but he still wants to treat his man and show him how much he loves him.  That’s why he put a candle in a cupcake and surprised Tyson this morning.  Tyson couldn’t help but smile and thank his handsome man with a sensuous [...]

Taye Knight and Jack Styles- Lucas En...

taye 5
Jack Styles had never seen Fire Island before, so when he paid a visit to the Lucas Entertainment studio in New York City, we knew he’d be perfect for a film called “Fire Island Cruising Raw,” which will be released in the coming months. Jack Styles has a constant craving for big dicks, and Taye Knight loves fuc [...]

Hector Agusti and Eddie Harris- Fucke...

hector 4
One time more from our black Caribbean mate Hector, This time with our hungry and thirsty Eddie Harris , In this Inter-racial meeting you can see their hot chemistry and complicity, Eddie gives Hector all that he is wishing for… pure ecstasy and Héctor’s feedback is an enormous movement with his muscle to make E [...]

Drew Vergas and Kamrun- Breed Me Raw

drew 7
Black slut cock meets black slut hole, what a perfect combination! Kamrun walks in the hotel room only to find Drew Vergas in his favourite jockstrap just waiting to service another thick cock. Kamrun drops his pants and out falls his fat uncut cock and finds its way down Drew’s eager mouth. While Kamrun face fucks Drew h [...]

Devon LeBron and Tyler Tremallose- St...

devon 6
If you like your boys to look just that little bit different then look no further than Tyler Tremallose, whose long, dyed-red hair and distinctly feminine features make this one young fellow who would most definitely stand out in a crowd! Not that he appears to have much in the way of companionship at the start of this terrific l [...]

Derek Maxum and Brock Avery- Next Doo...

derek 1
When you know it’s time to get into a good gym routine, the best way to go is with a personal trainer. Brock Avery is looking to incorporate some new weight exercises into his workout, so based on a few recommendations, he decided to make an appointment with Derek Maxum. Upon arriving, Brock is quite impressed with Derek&rs [...]

Cutler X and David Lambert- Breed Me ...

cutler 8
David Lambert was trying to get a nice relaxing warm shower in before heading to work but it was kinda hard when Cutler’s huge black cock was rubbing his ass cheeks.  So David felt he had to choice to start sucking that fucker in the hopes he would get to ride it before work.  It didn’t take long for Cutler [...]

Brandon Foster and Scotty- Randy Blue

Brandon 1a
Straight Stud Brandon Foster is so hot, Scotty cannot handle it. He is elated that this man with the most perfectly chiseled body is laying there asleep next to him. He begins to play with his underwear, until finally his massive black cock begins to swell. Then Scotty pulls it out and Brandon wakes up just in enough time to see Scotty [...]

JAM’S Classics: Yesterday

YESTERDAY Yesterday You know, as time goes by and you begin to get a little older I tend to look back. Wondering what things would have been like had I done something/anything different. Just changed a single event. I was having lunch wit a friend this past wknd. We where talking bout our pasts and he, as always was ranting and raving [...]

Dominion’s Opinions – For...

A reading from the Book of… Ya Brista has a live and let live policy when it comes to religion. While I do not believe in it, I am unbothered by whatever it is you believe as long as it does not affect my ability to live my life, even when I think that what you believe is absolutely ridiculous. My typical reaction is nothing more [...]

Ondre’s Mind: The Gay Antidote

For centuries many men and women have fallen on their knees beggin God to magically "take the gay away" only to find their attraction toward the same sex is amplified. Even I did when I was a kid. I thought something was wrong with me because my first crush wasn't a girl. It was a boy who lived next door. It was a natural attr [...]

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