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Akisho’s Assessment: Big Dick D...

Jin is one lucky mothafucka today. He wants his birthday to pop off with a "bang." In this case two big dicks with one hungry ass = a blowout double bang. The three of them work amazingly well together. They are all explosive personalities that come together to create an amazing experience. This was actually one of t [...]

JP Richards and Rio- DawgpoundUSA

The Hardwire saga continues crosstown as drug runner JP Richards (in his Dawgpound debut) is carjacked by a rival on a dark NYC street. It's an ambush! Payback time–Rio is pack'n a huge "pistol" & he ain't fuck'n around. They're after Big Money and Big Booty (who isn't these day [...]

Ace Rockwood and XL- DawgpoundUSA

This is the event you've been waiting for. XL, The New Vers King, is back with big-dicked Ace Rockwood and a sex swing. What more could we ask for? The fuckin is hot as hell as a clean shaven Ace sizes XL up on the swing and gives him the works. You ready for hot, passionate kissing? We got that. You want big dick sucki [...]

Akisho’s Assessment: Foreplay a...

Krave and Bam are two hot commodities, both with smooth chocolate skin, and devilishly good looks.Krave and Bam really put in work when they are doing a scene, and they work amazingly well together. The two were definitely freaky, passionate, and not afraid to show it. This was a great scene with plenty to see and hear. What c [...]

Bamm Bamm and Krave Moore- DawgpoundU...

Bamm returns in this this special update just for you hot versatile fuck'n fans.  What could be hotter than big dick deep stroke fuck'n? All the hot teasing stuff they do leading up to it: foreplay rules with these two–ass eatin', passionate kissing, ass fingering, and even toe-sucking.  And [...]

Artist, Izzy, and Young Buck- Dawgpou...

artist 1a
Finally, it’s here, a little taste for you of the hot long-awaited new series from Dawgpoundusa: “HARDWIRE.” Check out a day in the life as the underworld mix their drugs (with the proper instruments: their big dicks!) and fuck each other senseless. Izzy’s gigantic appendage takes center stage and upstages [...]


Lasko feature
Whenever you complete an application, or are interviewed, one of the questions is always why you want a certain position. In the porn industry, this is one of the most important questions because it speaks to your confidence in showing what you got and proving that you can do it, which brings me to this week’s profiled performer, Lask [...]

Krave Moore and Ace Rockwood- Dawgpou...

krave 6a
Kraving that dick? With a thick brick like that Ace Rockwood becomes walking sex. Ace takes charge of Krave as only he can, commandeering the perfect, sloppy blow job. And to give up the hole nice ‘n’ deep, just like he likes it. And that’s how we like it at the Dawgpound. Share this:Share on TumblrPrin [...]

Akisho’s Assessment: Verse Heat...

We all hate it when we wanna get freaky and the man just won't get off the damn phone! Krave had to take charge and get the party started. Passionate kissing, sucking, and both dudes end up on the receiving end of some hot ass booty hole fucking. Mustang has been rockin' the gym and looks in top shape, and, as you know, we can alway [...]

Critic’s Corner: Fuck’n a...

Starring Jovonnie, XL, and Trez You come to Blatino Oasis to hang out and stay to get fucked! That's what Trez did after he arrived and saw Jovonnie and XL were there. He gleefully and finally gave up his booty to both of them. See Trez in his first exclusive versatile scene ever in this hot triad with Jovonnie and XL. These three sh [...]

Jovonnie, Trez, and XL- DawgpoundUSA

xl 9
The 8th annual retreat at the 2014 Blatino Oasis was an event you will never forget, if you were there.  If not, here is s little of what you missed out on. Come to Blatino Oasis to hang—stay to get fucked! That’s what Trez did after he arrived and saw that Jovonnie and XL were there and gleefully [...]

Krave and Mustang- DawgpoundUSA

mustang 1
We all hate it when we wanna get freaky and the man just won’t get off the damn phone. Krave had to take charge and get the party started. Passionate kissing, sucking, and both dudes end up on the receiving end of some hot ass booty hole fucking. Mustang has been rockin’ the gym and looks in top shape. And, as you know, [...]

Critic’s Corner: Off Duty Fuck ...

Critic’s Corner: Off Duty Fuck Break (DawgPoundUSA)
DawgPoundUSA’s latest production features XL and Krave Moore, two sexy freaky black men with big dicks who love dick and ass and know how to push the boundaries. XL is an undercover cop who comes home on a break for a little flip-flop sexual release. Does DawgPound have another winner on their hands? To read more of this criti [...]

Krave and XL- DawgpoundUSA

Krave and XL- DawgpoundUSA
DawgpoundUSA brings you two equal opportunity muthafuckaz, they like dick and ass. Sexy Krave is back and has hooked-up with handsome, sexy, freaky XL for some hot, hot, hot verse action. From that first kiss you could see these bruthaz know their way around a dick, the booty-hole, big heavy balls and those tender toes. Wha [...]

Drilla and Sarge- DawgpoundUSA

Drilla and Sarge- DawgpoundUSA
Big, beautiful, muscular Sarge loves to get fucked. The brutha is back in the Dawgpound and is not afraid of the dick. But if you want some of that delicious man-ass, you better bring your “A” game, dude. That long-strokin’ Drilla, the big- booty thrilla, steps up and does just that. Worshipping it, massaging it, [...]

Mike Mann and Krave- DawgpoundUSA

Mike Mann and Krave- DawgpoundUSA
Super sexy Ace Rockwood gets behind the camera for another installment of DAWGPOUND’S Pornstar Director Series.  He brought together tall, handsome Mike Mann and Krave in all his luscious goodness for The Art of Sex.  It’s a marathon of serious dick sucking and long, deep and hard ass fucking.  It’s [...]

Phat Daddy, Krave, and Wave- Dawgpoun...

Phat Daddy, Krave, and Wave- DawgpoundUSA
Phat Daddy is pounding ass in his first visit to the DAWGPOUND. He’s bringing all is mega-dick sexy to this Home Barber Benefits fantasy. But then, what would you expect? Wave is his first client, but he’s slurping down Phat Daddy dick with Krave eating that bubble-ass before you know it. That long [...]

Website Rating Profile: DawgpoundUSA

Website Rating Profile: DawgpoundUSA
Website Rating Profile Name: DawgpoundUSA   Population: Black, Latino    Themes: Thugs, Roughneck, Condom   Genre: Urban, Muscle   Commentary: We were big advocates of DawgpoundUSA, but there has been a decline somewhat in the quality of the work. I remember the days of Felony, Jovanni [...]

Rio and Krave- DawgpoundUSA

Rio and Krave- DawgpoundUSA
DawgpoundUSA has delivered a seering scene with two exquisitely gorgeous men. Rio a constant on this blog pummels and gets pummeled by the amazingly sexy Krave. The flip flop was sexy as hell. Do not miss this hot scene at DawgpoundUSA. Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

Red and Arquez- DawgpoundUSA

Red and Arquez- DawgpoundUSA
    Two sexy redbones come together for a sexy dynamic fuck off. You do not want to miss Red digging into his prize named Arquez. Check them both at DawgpoundUSA Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

Python, Angotti, and Arquez- Dawgpoun...

Python, Angotti, and Arquez- DawgpoundUSA
    Python is at it again. We know he prefers Latinos and light skin black men, according to his twitter. He was in heaven on this shoot and was able to handle both men expertly. Arquez performed as the versatile, and Angotti as the bottom. Check the scene at DawgpoundUSA Share this:Share on TumblrPrintEmail

Jin and Arquez-DawgpoundUSA

Jin and Arquez-DawgpoundUSA
DAWGPOUND’S latest installment in the Pornstar Director’s Series puts sexy Red behind the camera to feature fan-favorite ARQUEZ and DP newcomer JIN, in a ass eating, dick sucking, booty fucking versatile good time. ARQUEZ fucks JIN and JIN fucks ARQUEZ just as they should. Booty-holes spread wide by the hard, thick dicks of t [...]